MSI makes the CS120 ‘Nettop’ official

<img src="">If you’ve always longed for a netbook but you don’t want to have to put up with all that pesky “portability”, MSI

Dell intros the OptiPlex 160 Tiny Desktop Computer; it's a nettop

Dell is jumping into the world of tiny Intel Atom-powered desktops with the OptiPlex 160. There really isn’t anything fancy or special about this nettop. It lacks an optical drive but has the s

Celeron-powered Eee Box coming soon from Asus

Surprise, surprise. The underpowered nettops aren’t selling so well. Sales are lagging so much that Asus is benching the Intel Atom for the more powerful Celeron CPU in an upcoming Eee Box rele

MSI Windbox is a VESA-mount's best friend

MSI deserves a round of high-fives for the Windbox. Generally, all-in-one computers tend to be pricey and stick owners with limited LCD screen options so the Windbox’s mounting solution just mak