• Microsoft supports niche F# language in Visual Studio 2010

    There are so many programming languages that I can’t keep track of them all any more. Presumably each has specific strengths and weaknesses, but I couldn’t tell you what those are, nor under which circumstances any particular language is the best one for the job. Lots of people are still using Fortran, for example, which I was led to believe was as dead as the Dodo. Given the… Read More

  • Terrorist Blows Up Internet Cafe In Morocco

    I suppose I can somewhat understand the tactic of blowing one’s self up in a place like Iraq, but an Internet cafe in Morocco? Some nutball terrorist was trying to enter a web cafe in Morocco so he could check out the latest and hottest terrorist sites (I personally recommend “Barely Legal Marxists”). When the cafe owner’s son didn’t let him in, the dude blew… Read More