Nest Protect

Nest Announces A New Version Of Its Protect Smart Smoke Alarm

It's been a while since we've heard much from Nest — they bought Dropcam, then went a bit quiet. Today, they're breaking the silence at a press conference in San Francisco. The first new product

Recalled Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Will Return To Sale In Weeks

Google's Nest has recalled all 440,000 Protect smoke alarms sold over fears that the alert will fail to sound due to a false triggering of the 'Wave' feature which disables the sound with a gesture.

Nest Halts Sales Of Protect Smoke Alarm Over Safety Concerns About ‘Wave To Dismiss’ Feature

Nest CEO Tony Fadell has just issued a notice recommending users disable the Protect smoke alarm's 'wave to dismiss' feature. In testing, it was discovered that people could accidentally trigger the d

Update: Nest Says Shut-Off Heat Is Sometimes Its Fault, Also Pushes Thermostat 4.0.1 Firmware To Fix 4.0 Problems

Nest is scrambling to fix a faulty firmware update that is causing customers' thermostats to malfunction, turning off or down their heat in the dead of winter. Nest has acknowledged the bug and is try