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After Acquisition, OpenTable Plans To Shut Down Ness On April 21

Ness, the personalized restaurant recommendation app acquired by OpenTable last month, now has an expiration date. The company announced that the app would be discontinued on April 21, just a few mont

Ness Nabs $15M From AmEx And SingTel To Expand Data-Driven, Personalized Search To Other Verticals

<a target="_blank" href="">Ness Computing</a>, a startup that has developed a highly personalized, data-driven search engine, has raised $15 million in Series B funding led by

Ness Serves Up Their First Personal Search App Catering To Restaurant Discovery

Last night I went out to dinner. But I didn't pick where I was going, Ness did. The place was good. Score one for Ness. We previously covered <a href="">Ness Computing</a> in Ju

With $5 Million In Their Pockets, Ness Has Quietly Built A Subjective Search Engine

For the past 18 months, <a href="">Ness Computing</a> has been very quietly working on some new technology that they believe will be the next big thing in search. It's a new, highly