This is the Fortnite Nerf gun

Short of an actual apocalypse (which should be coming any day now), this Nerf-branded gun from Hasbro is (thankfully) probably the closest you’re going to come to any real life Fortnite action in th

Nerf updates laser tag with smartphone AR

There’s nothing like a great new toy to make you mourn the ghost of bygone youth. I don’t have the opportunity to try many out at this job, but when I do, there’s an invariable pang of jealousy

These hackers put together a prosthetic Nerf gun

How can you participate in a Nerf gun fight if you’re missing a hand? The ingenious Hackerloop collective of tinkerers solved that problem by putting together a prosthetic Nerf gun that you can cont

These guys built the ‘World’s Largest Nerf Gun’ and it shoots massive darts at 40 mph

Bigger isn't necessarily better when it comes to Nerf battles — but... well, this one wins. It's a <em>four foot tall</em> recreation of the Nerf N-Strike Maverick — one of the greatest Nerf gu

Nerf Unleashes Furthest-Shooting Weapons In Its Arsenal: N-Strike Elite Blasters

Last night I went to a magical party. There was food, which is always good, and booze, better still, but neither of these integral ingredients played a part in the magic. Nerf's new N-Strike Elite lin

TC/Gadgets Webcast: The Avengers, Nerf, And Kickstarter Tips

Is The Avengers worth your money? Do the disc-blasting Nerf guns leave a welt? How do you <a href="">pull a

Hasbro Goes After Blogger In IP Theft Case

You'd never think that the world of Nerf guns and dart shooters was so intense, but Hasbro apparently sued a blogger for leaking information about unreleased Nerf products he found on Chinese marketpl

Nerf’s New Vortex Blasters Shoot Discs! And They’re Awesome!

When I was growing up, one of my all-time favorite toys was my <a href="">Nerf</a> Super Soaker. Every summer, the other neighborhood kids and I would take off on our b

Wait? The Nerf Nuke Isn't Real?

I think there’s a deep message somewhere in here….I just want a Nerf Nuke.

NERF Licenses Its Name To Make Electronics

<img src="" /><a href="">NERF</a> goes way back -- all I'll say is that I hated those foam arrows.

DIY RC Nerf Tank

<img src="">When RC <a HREF="">Nerf</a> Tanks are outlawed, only outlaws will have RC Nerf Tanks. Th

Hands-on With the Nerf Stampede ECS-50

<img src="">A lot of folks are like "I would love to shoot a lot of Nerf darts at my friends and fellow cu

Happy 40th birthday, Nerf!

<img src="" alt="" />In honor of Nerf’s 40th anniversary and the launch of the N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS 35 blaster, which ships

New NERF shooter this fall features secret gun scope

<img src="" alt="nerf" />Kids! <em>NERF 2: "N-Strike" Elite</em> is coming out on the Wii this fall. You'll ge

How-to: Hassle your girlfriend with a Nerf robot

<img src=""><a HREF="">This project</a>, designed to piss off the creator's girlfriend, i

What better way to toughen up the Wii than with a Nerf game?

Now, let me make one thing clear. If they made an awesome Nerf game (indeed, if they have already made one), with “dart time,” Nerf shotguns, Nerf arrow sniping, and water ballons, complet

Self-Measuring Football Makes You Feel Like Peyton

Though football season may be over, you can still keep your dream of becoming a pro quarterback alive with this Virtual Distance Football. It resembles a Nerf football with a monochrome LCD shoved in

Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6: What You Should Have Bought Your Kid

Growing up, NERF guns were my true arsenal. I remember being the first kid on the block to get the Balzooka – a gatling-gun that shot multiple NERF balls at your foes. The best were capture the