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    These guys built the ‘World’s Largest Nerf Gun’ and it shoots massive darts at 40 mph

    These guys built the ‘World’s Largest Nerf Gun’ and it shoots massive darts at 40 mph

    Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to Nerf battles — but… well, this one wins. It’s a four foot tall recreation of the Nerf N-Strike Maverick — one of the greatest Nerf guns of all time. Oh, and it works. It shoots massive darts* at around 40 miles per hour. Read More

  • Nerf N-Strike Elite

    Nerf Unleashes Furthest-Shooting Weapons In Its Arsenal: N-Strike Elite Blasters

    Last night I went to a magical party. There was food, which is always good, and booze, better still, but neither of these integral ingredients played a part in the magic. Nerf’s new N-Strike Elite line of dart blasters did. The company unveiled the latest in their line of N-Strike blasters, the farthest-shooting toy guns in the company’s entire product portfolio, boasting a… Read More

  • TC/Gadgets Webcast: The Avengers, Nerf and Kickstarter Tips

    TC/Gadgets Webcast: The Avengers, Nerf, And Kickstarter Tips

    Is The Avengers worth your money? Do the disc-blasting Nerf guns leave a welt? How do you pull a Pebble and rein in $3 million on Kickstarter? In this week’s TC/Gadgets webcast, we answer all this and more. Read More

  • Hasbro Goes After Blogger In IP Theft Case

    Hasbro Goes After Blogger In IP Theft Case

    You’d never think that the world of Nerf guns and dart shooters was so intense, but Hasbro apparently sued a blogger for leaking information about unreleased Nerf products he found on Chinese marketplace Taobao using the sweetest bait imaginable: free Nerf guns. Urban Taggers is a blog about “assault blasters” for “kidults.” Essentially they cover Nerf guns and… Read More

  • Nerf’s New Vortex Blasters Shoot Discs! And They’re Awesome!

    Nerf’s New Vortex Blasters Shoot Discs! And They’re Awesome!

    When I was growing up, one of my all-time favorite toys was my Nerf Super Soaker. Every summer, the other neighborhood kids and I would take off on our bikes, Super Soakers strapped to our backs, and have a full-on water war. It’s been a solid decade since I’ve raised my not-so-dangerous weapon, but the other night something magical happened. I got to go to Nerf’s unveiling… Read More

  • Wait? The Nerf Nuke Isn't Real?

    I think there’s a deep message somewhere in here….I just want a Nerf Nuke. Read More

  • NERF Licenses Its Name To Make Electronics

    NERF goes way back — all I’ll say is that I hated those foam arrows. Now, NERF wants to do something else, because they just licensed their name for a ton of electronics. The new toys will make their debut in time for the holiday season this year. Read More

  • DIY RC Nerf Tank

    When RC Nerf Tanks are outlawed, only outlaws will have RC Nerf Tanks. This DIY project uses an automatic Nerf gun (the Stampede would probably work) and an RC tank to unleash the hurt on unsuspecting cubicle-mates. Read More

  • Hands-on With the Nerf Stampede ECS-50

    A lot of folks are like “I would love to shoot a lot of Nerf darts at my friends and fellow cubicle dwellers, but my arm is too week to keep pumping the Nerf gun. What can I do?” Dude. Get a Nerf Stampede ECS-50. This fully automatic gun shoots 18 darts in about a minute and includes 3 full clips and one smaller 5 dart clip. It also has a bipod and a blast shield. Seriously. This is… Read More

  • Happy 40th birthday, Nerf!

    In honor of Nerf’s 40th anniversary and the launch of the N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS 35 blaster, which ships today, Nerf sent over a mighty fine and ginormous care package to the CG office. I can’t believe the Parker Brothers developed Nerf in 1969 and the first product was some dumb four-inch polyurethane foam ball. They’ve come a long way since then. Let’s dig into… Read More

  • New NERF shooter this fall features secret gun scope

    Kids! NERF 2: “N-Strike” Elite is coming out on the Wii this fall. You’ll get the above-pictured SWITCH SHOT EX-3 blaster. That little flip-up “red reveal lens” shows in-game secret messages and enemy weak spots right there on the screen. Your mom and dad won’t be able to see any of that stuff, but you will! Read More

  • How-to: Hassle your girlfriend with a Nerf robot

    This project, designed to piss off the creator’s girlfriend, is a tank with a Nerf gun, speakers, and remote controlled base. The resulting tank is pretty cool although the goal – to terrorize a woman who would live with a guy who would build such a magical thing – is a bit odd. Maybe he wants to be alone? Maybe he can reverse the suction on the Nerf gun. Read More

  • What better way to toughen up the Wii than with a Nerf game?

    Now, let me make one thing clear. If they made an awesome Nerf game (indeed, if they have already made one), with “dart time,” Nerf shotguns, Nerf arrow sniping, and water ballons, complete with “Nerfalities” and stuff like that… if they made that game, no one would care that it was Nerf because it would just be awesome. I expect, however, that the new Nerf… Read More

  • Self-Measuring Football Makes You Feel Like Peyton

    Though football season may be over, you can still keep your dream of becoming a pro quarterback alive with this Virtual Distance Football. It resembles a Nerf football with a monochrome LCD shoved in it to display yardage and comes in red and silver. Throw the football and it’ll show how long you bombed it. Basically you can either play football with it, or you can show off to your… Read More

  • Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6: What You Should Have Bought Your Kid

    Growing up, NERF guns were my true arsenal. I remember being the first kid on the block to get the Balzooka – a gatling-gun that shot multiple NERF balls at your foes. The best were capture the flag fights and shootouts in public places. So what has NERF been up to lately? Check out the N-Strike Longshot CS-6 rifle. The latest and greatest piece to terrorize your neighborhood with. From… Read More