AWS makes Neptune, its graph database service, serverless

Nearly five years ago, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched Neptune, a service for running apps that need a graph database to store and query connected datasets. Now, to keep up with the serverless tren

Neptune raises $17.25M to clean ship hulls with robots

Here’s a wild fact I’d never heard: Biofouling on ship hulls increases fuel consumption around 15% on average. The term specifically refers to a build-up of microorganisms and other life. That inc

Amazon introduces an AWS graph database service called Amazon Neptune

Amazon is in the middle of its AWS Re:INVENT keynote right now, and the company just announced a brand new database service. Amazon Neptune has been specifically designed for relationship graphs. So i

OEMs and startups: The incubator at Jaguar Land Rover HQ

The first question you might have when learning that Jaguar Land Rover has its technology headquarters in Portland, OR, is, “Why?” There’s an easy answer for that question, said Rupe