• The new age of ICOs is here, and it’s not based on Ethereum Crunch Network

    The new age of ICOs is here, and it’s not based on Ethereum

    ICOs are said to be the new way to raise money. We’ve seen companies raising millions by selling tokens. Against the money raised, the tokens they gave were created and sold on the Ethereum blockchain — meaning that all the trade happened on the Ethereum blockchain and the tokens created are tracked on the Ethereum blockchain. But that is changing. Read More

  • Affordable Car Loans: A Look At The Winner(s) Of The Founder Showcase Pitch Competition

    Affordable Car Loans: A Look At The Winner(s) Of The Founder Showcase Pitch Competition

    Last night, over 500 people gathered in San Francisco for the eighth Founder Showcase, a quarterly startup pitch event that brings together technology CEOs, investors, and early-stage startups for a night of networking and pitchin’. The event is hosted by Founder Institute, but is an open competition — any early-stage business (less than two years old and with under $250K in… Read More

  • Mother Russia plans to save us all from killer asteroid

    Someone call Bruce Willis. Russia announced Wednesday that they are considering launching a spacecraft with the intention of altering its possibly earth-crushing trajectory to a less threatening one. Read More

  • Neo Technology Commercializes Next Generation Graph Based Database

    A new generation of database products and companies is beginning to emerge, and one of the more interesting examples is Swedish-based Neo Technology, the developer and vendor of the neo4j graph based database (graph in the data structure sense). The neo4j product has been in development for over 8 years, and Neo Technology are today announcing a new $2.5M round of funding. The company has… Read More

  • HP dv2 being refreshed with new AMD Neo setup

    Don’t count AMD as being out. In response to the ever growing netbook/small laptop market, AMD has announced their new CPU “Congo”, along with putting it into the updated HP Dv2 which is coming out on June 10th. We liked the original Dv2 — however, adding a little more grunt to it with the improved AMD processor can only be a good thing. Read More

  • Openmoko Neo Freerunner to launch July 4th

    Man, I loves me some Openmoko Neo Freerunner. Sure, it’s not the prettiest thing on the planet. Sure, a completely open source mobile device may be a bit ahead of the times for all but the most dedicated gadget geeks amongst us. But man oh man, have I been drooling about this for a while. For the uninitiated, Openmoko is a project aimed at creating a series of open source mobile phones. Read More

  • New OpenMoko handset coming soon

    DigiTimes is reporting that OpenMoko “plans to launch the second version of its Neo open source handset in the March-April period this year,” according to company president Sean Moss-Pultz. Moss-Pultz also said that the company will start producing devices in cahoots with other vendors in order to beef up the OpenMoko platform and its manufacturing base. It’s already… Read More

  • Neo promotional video: Now you can see the small phone move! Just converted Neo’s promo video for your wee-phone-loving edification. Don’t say I never gave you nuthin’. Read More

  • The wee Neo 808i: Awful small

    Well this is interesting. As manufacturers make bigger and bigger handsets, Dubai-based Neo is making one of the tweeist handsets known the man. The 808i has a 4-megapixel camera, WiFi, and plays MP3s and MPEG4s. It’s also small enough to be ingested by a Shi Tzu. They should be available in the US shortly, with no carrier mentioned. I suspect this will be an online sales play although… Read More