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Rogan backlash didn’t hurt Spotify’s Q1, as paying subscribers grew 15% despite Russia exit

We already suspected that the controversy surrounding the Joe Rogan podcast on Spotify was doing little to actually prompt users to leave the streaming service, based on app store data. Now, Spotify&#

Spotify’s COVID-19 content advisory continues roll out two months after Joe Rogan uproar

You probably remember a few months ago when you couldn’t turn on the news, check Twitter or talk to your conservative uncle without broaching the issue of Joe Rogan, who is signed to an exclusiv

Spotify snaps up podcast measurement and analytics firms Podsights and Chartable

Spotify this afternoon announced two more acquisitions in the podcasts market, this time on both the measurement and analytics side of the business. The company is acquiring the podcast measurement se

The Spotify-Rogan saga highlights the distinction between publishers and platforms

As our Equity podcast recently asked, “How many times must Spotify step on a rake?” The streaming service is learning the hard way that it’s counterintuitive to act as both a platfor

Spotify will invest $100M in content from underrepresented creators, says CEO Daniel Ek

In the latest installment of the Spotify-Rogan saga, CEO Daniel Ek sent out a company memo on Sunday addressing Joe Rogan’s use of harmful racial slurs in past episodes of his podcast. Over 70 o

Spotify backlash over Joe Rogan did little to boost its streaming rivals

The Joe Rogan controversy has been a PR headache for Spotify in recent days, but it doesn’t seem to have yet prompted a sizable exit to rival streaming apps, according to new app store data. Ove

Spotify, Joe Rogan address COVID-19 content backlash

In a blog post yesterday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek addressed mounting controversy over health misinformation. After Spotify pulled Neil Young and Joni Mitchell’s music over protest of the company’s d

Joe Rogan, economics, and why capitalism is making people blame the CCP

The Rogan-related Spotify saga has been burning long enough now that it's worth taking a moment to sit back and try to piece together the economic forces behind the kerfuffle.

Joni Mitchell joins Neil Young, pulls her music from Spotify over vaccine misinformation

Spotify’s Joe Rogan headache is about to get a lot worse. Earlier this week, musician Neil Young announced that he would pull his music from the streaming service to protest Spotify’s rela

Spotify removes Neil Young’s music after falling out over Joe Rogan

Musician Neil Young is following through on his threat to pull his extensive and well-loved sonic catalogue from Spotify. Young took a stand against the company’s relationship with podcaster Joe

Daily Crunch: Google dumps FloC plan, proposes new Topics API for ad targeting

Today our cup overflows with news. There’s simply too much going on to cover in a single newsletter, so I’ve tried to fit in as much as possible.

Neil Young plans to pull his music from Spotify over Joe Rogan COVID misinformation

Neil Young is threatening to pull his music from Spotify over concerns that the company’s exclusive deal with podcaster Joe Rogan is helping fuel the anti-vaccine movement. “I want you to

Neil Young Begins His Long Quest Towards True Audio Fidelity With Pono, A New Music Service And Device

Singer-songwriter-rocker Neil Young has been talking about problems with modern audio codecs for decades. He was angry at CDs back in the 1990s and most recently he lashed out against MP3s and digital

DreamForce Kinect

<img src='//' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />Sometimes it gets so hard to begin a post. This is not one of those times. Marc Benioff tells the

Fork in the road

When President Obama delivers his Saturday radio address, it’s also shot on video and delivered over YouTube. When the news broadcasts excerpt from it, they use the Internet version, the one wit

Neil Young doesn't like the iPod one bit

Why so serious? Famous Canadian Neil Young thinks Apple is responsible for ushering in an age of terrible audio quality. At a conference in California, the rock start accused Apple of “driving down

Neil Young releasing archive onto Blu-ray

Earlier today at Sun Microsystem’s press conference, Neil Young announced he would be releasing his entire archive of tunes onto Blu-ray. They’ll be released in chronological order and the