Neil Young

  • Neil Young Begins His Long Quest Towards True Audio Fidelity With Pono, A New Music Service And Device

    Neil Young Begins His Long Quest Towards True Audio Fidelity With Pono, A New Music Service And Device

    Singer-songwriter-rocker Neil Young has been talking about problems with modern audio codecs for decades. He was angry at CDs back in the 1990s and most recently he lashed out against MP3s and digital audio compression at a popular tech conference, saying “My goal is to try to rescue the art form that I’ve been practicing for the past 50 years. We live in the digital age and… Read More

  • DreamForce Kinect

    Sometimes it gets so hard to begin a post. This is not one of those times. Marc Benioff tells the story of how Bill Clinton was delayed coming out here for his session at Dreamforce 2010, was going to be an hour late, 15,000 people ready for POTUS 42, now what? Then Marc noticed Stevie Wonder walking down the hall toward him, taking Benioff up on his invitation to see Clinton speak and then… Read More

  • Fork in the road

    When President Obama delivers his Saturday radio address, it’s also shot on video and delivered over YouTube. When the news broadcasts excerpt from it, they use the Internet version, the one with pictures. It’s no longer a radio address; it’s a Webcast. This week I tried to record the second season premiere of Damages, a twisty series with Glenn Close and Ted Danson among… Read More

  • Neil Young doesn't like the iPod one bit

    Why so serious? Famous Canadian Neil Young thinks Apple is responsible for ushering in an age of terrible audio quality. At a conference in California, the rock start accused Apple of “driving down the convenience highway,” whatever that means. The poor quality of MP3s (not Apple’s fault, but who’s counting?) and the iPod itself, I don’t know, are ruining… Read More

  • Neil Young releasing archive onto Blu-ray

    Earlier today at Sun Microsystem’s press conference, Neil Young announced he would be releasing his entire archive of tunes onto Blu-ray. They’ll be released in chronological order and the first 10-disc set will be available in the fall from Reprise/WB Records. Extras like unreleased tracks, hadnwritten manuscripts, videos and other junk will be included on top of the audio… Read More