• NeighborGoods Extends The Sharing Of Actual Things To The National Level

    Back in October, we covered a new sharing service called NeighborGoods. When you see the term “sharing” associated with a startup, your eyes may glaze over at this point — but NeighborGoods is a bit different because it’s all about actually sharing stuff. Like, in the real world. Sadly, the site was previously only open to users in Southern California. But today brings… Read More

  • NeighborGoods: Sharing Returns To Its Physical Roots

    Everyone loves to share stuff on the web (I just want to do it faster), but a potentially more compelling business model is using the web to share physical stuff. That’s the idea behind NeighborGoods, a new service launching its public beta program in Los Angeles today. I’ve had a chance to look around the service for a few weeks, and the idea seems like a very solid one. Read More