Dell to offer 192GB PC… for a price

<img src="">Intel's new Nehalem chipset <a HREF="

You'll be waiting a while for consumer-grade Core i7

<img src="" /> It looks like the planned "Lynnfield" mainstream versions of the Nehalem architecture chips <a href="http://techre

Core i7 hitting Dells, Alienwares, Gateways

Those big packages from Intel must have arrived at all the custom prebuilt computer sites, because all of a sudden they’re all making a racket about how their latest setups rock the new Core i7s

Mac Pro getting Core i7-based CPU upgrades soon?

Lets look at the big picture here: MacWorld is in January, the Mac Pro’s are need for a CPU bump, and Intel is planning on releasing new Xeon server CPUs early next year. It sure looks good that

It's international Nehalem day!

The next big thing in processors is hitting today — Intel’s Core i7, otherwise known as Nehalem, is finally hitting the ground. If you don’t know that it is, check out our past cover

Nehalems shipping next month!

If that headline doesn’t get excited, may as well move on to the next story. Nothing to see here, folks! Except for a bad-ass processor that’s about to drop on November 17. If you’ve

Nehalem and Atom at IDF

Intel imagines a world with 15 Billion connected devices by 2015. As they see it, all that belongs to Atom, their mobile processor that already has over 700 design engagements. Stating that the “mos

Intel tick-tockin' for years to come

Intel’s “tick-tock” process of alternating between shrinking the die and updating the microarchitecture has done them well so far, and apparently they see no obstacles to continuing

Next-gen Intel processors to be called Intel Core i7

The next round of Intel processors have officially been named Intel Core. The very next round of processors, previously codenamed Nehalem, will go by the name Intel Core i7. As always, model numbers w

Intel's next barrage: Nehalem gets previewed

Those lucky bastards over at AnandTech got their mitts on a couple totally unofficial Nehalem chips. For those of you not in the know (a group which included me until about 15 minutes ago), Nehalem is