Nicholas Negroponte Softens Colbert's Heart With Robotic Blood Diamond Miners I haven’t been a big supporter of the One Laptop Per Child project but the goal – to offer children in horrible situations a window on

OLPC project off to a good start in Peru

The OLPC XO laptop seems to be a hit in Peru. The country placed the largest order for the machines (272,000) and it’s already enjoying success in many of the smaller rural villages. One village

OLPC being sued for copying Nigerian keyboard

Whuh oh. There’s something called the Konyin keyboard that basically has a second shift key function which allows its typist to use the different letters and symbols of Latin-based alphabets fro

OLPC extends purchase program to the end of the year

Whatever the reason — lackluster sales or a true "outpouring of support from the public," according to Nicholas Negroponte — the One Laptop Per Child project will be extending it