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  • USB-Powered Necktie Clip Cooler

    USB-Powered Necktie Clip Cooler

    This is a bit silly, but OK. Tokyo-based accessory maker Thanko has developed a very special gadget that’s supposed to help you fight the summer heat: a necktie clip [JP] that’s attached to a mini fan, which is powered via USB. Read More

  • This USB necktie will make you stay cool at all times

    It’s Japanese accessory maker Thanko again. Today the Tokyo-based company added the so-called “USB Necktie Cooler 2” [JP] to their line-up. A small plastic fan built into the tie’s knot begins to circulate when the user plugs the tie, which is made of silk, to a PC’s USB port. The device comes with a switch for turning the fan on or off and regulating its… Read More