• NEC develops eco-friendly, super-efficient CPU cooling system

    NEC has developed an eco-friendly cooling system for CPUs, claiming the technology [JP] uses uses 60% less energy than a water-cooling system and even 80% less than an air-cooling system. The core of the system is a liquid chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) substitute, which circulates around the CPU to draw away heat and has low greenhouse effects. Read More

  • Sharp, Panasonic, Fujitsu, NEC jointly develop new mobile OS

    Just last week, we asked the question if the world needs yet another mobile operating system (Samsung’s Bada). Now it turns out Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier, NTT DoCoMo, apparently thinks the answer is yes. The telecom behemoth (55 million customers in Japan) today announced [press release in English] the development of a brand new “application platform for mobile… Read More

  • NEC plans to ship 3D desktop PCs later this year

    Virtually every Japanese tech company has made some 3D-related announcement in the past months, but one remained suspiciously quiet in that area: NEC. We covered their (apparently very cool) glasses-free 3D 12.1-incher last year (it’s yet to be commercialized), and today NEC made some initial announcements about a 3D desktop PC that’s supposed to hit Japanese stores by year-end. Read More

  • New NEC chip helps make cell phone displays viewable outdoors, saves power

    If you’ve ever got upset about not being able to view what your cell phone screen displays while you are outside your house, NEC’s new color-compensation chip is probably good news for you. The chip, which is specifically made for LCDs for mobile phones, helps to make them easier to view in bright outdoor settings. Read More

  • ViewLight: NEC announces four DLP projectors

    NEC in Japan has announced [JP] a total of four new DLP data projectors today. The NP53J/NP54J/NP63J and NP64J are part of NEC’s so-called ViewLight projector series. All of the new models offer XGA resolution (1,024×768), a contrast ratio of 1,600:1 and rather weak 0.3W mono speakers. Read More

  • New cell phone maker NEC-Casio goes America, targets 200% international sales boost

    As MobileCrunch reported back in August, three of Japan’s eight top cell phone makers, namely NEC, Casio and Hitachi are going to merge their cell phone businesses next year. Under the agreement, NEC plans to integrate its handset division into a tie-up that already existed between Hitachi and Casio starting April 2010 (the begin of the new fiscal year under the Japanese business… Read More

  • PaPeRo: NEC's cute helper robot

    As a huge conglomerate, NEC is active in a lot of areas. But unknown to many people outside Japan, the company is quite aggressive in the robotics field, too. Their PaPeRo, a cute helper robot, for example, has been around since 1997 already. And now, just in time for a robot exhibition that currently takes place in Tokyo, the company shows an updated version of the little guy. Read More

  • NEC prototypes battery-less remote control

    NEC Electronics, an NEC subsidiary, has announced the development of a remote control [JP] that works without using batteries. Every time users push a button on the device, they generate a small amount of electricity through vibration. NEC says this is enough to turn on or off a TV (or any other electric appliance), switch channels or control the volume. Read More

  • NEC apparently plans to roll out touch screen business hand-held

    Not much info on this yet, but NEC is apparently preparing a mobile PC that’s reportedly as “capable as a personal computer” for business customers. The yet to be named device features three main buttons and a 7 to 8-inch LCD display (which appears to be a touch screen). Sorry, the small picture is all that’s available at this point. Read More

  • NEC, Casio and Hitachi make cell phone op merger official, want to go international

    The first rumors started spreading about two weeks ago, and it was officially announced yesterday: Major Japanese cell phone makers Hitachi, NEC and Casio are merging their mobile phone operations to become Japan’s No. 2 maker (following Sharp). The name of the new venture will be “NEC Casio Mobile Communications”. Read More

  • NEC floods Japan with 7 new projectors

    NEC announced a total of seven “green” video projectors for the Japanese market on Friday [JP]. Each has different specs, but the one characteristic all devices have in common is the low level of energy consumption, which stands at just 0.6W in standby mode (down from 3W for the previous projector series from that company). Read More

  • Major shake-up in Japan's mobile world: NEC, Hitachi and Casio to merge cell phone businesses

    Big news from Japan’s mobile phone industry today (Friday afternoon Japanese time). Various Japanese media are reporting that NEC, Hitachi and Casio are in talks to merge their cell phone operations to become Japan’s second biggest manufacturer, following Sharp. Reportedly, NEC plans to integrate its cell phone business into a tie-up that already exists between Hitachi and Casio. Read More

  • Japanese cell phones for all: NEC and Panasonic plot overseas sales plans

    Japan, the world’s second largest economy with the third biggest Internet population, and the many, many early adopters of technology inhabiting this nation could be heaven for the domestic cell phone industry. And it was for years, until sales started slowing dangerously (minus 30% last fiscal year), and the overall population is poised to shrink and age dramatically in the… Read More

  • NEC develops unmanned, self-flying drone for civilian use

    NEC has announced the development of an unmanned drone [JP] that can fly by itself to a specific location and send back positional information and video images. The company says it’s the first drone made for civilian applications that can transmit both kinds of data at the same time. Read More

  • NEC announces 43-inch curved LCD for the low, low price of $8,000

    Some people like big cars, some like big guns, and some like big monitors. If you’re a big monitor person, this 43-inch curved LCD with a 32:10 aspect ratio from NEC is right up your alley. Read More

  • NEC's updates its supercomputer "Earth Simulator System", breaks record

    NEC today announced that their renewed Earth Simulator System, Japan’s most famous supercomputer, now achieves a peak performance of 131 TFLOPS (131 trillion calculations per second. This is up from the 35 TFLOPS that made the same system the world’s fastet computer back in 2002. Read More

  • LaVie Light: NEC Japan launches new netbook series

    Nec Japan today announced two netbooks [JP], the BL100 and the BL300/310/350, which are completely redesigned and come with Windows XP pre-installed. The new netbooks are part of the NEC LaVie series and are labeled “LaVie Light” because of the BL100 weighing just 1.07 kg and the BL300/310/350 models weighing 1.14kg or 1.32kg, depending on the model. Read More

  • New kind of shape-memory plastic that's moldable at room temperature

    NEC has developed a shape-memory plastic that can be formed at room temperature . The plastic can be heated and cooled, remaining pliant for for several minutes during which it can be processed. The usual problem with shape-memory plastics is differences in temperature. Shape-memory plastics that needs to be hardened at high temperatures may burn users, while those that need be kept at low… Read More

  • Top 10: The best new cell phones Japan gets this summer

    Japan’s telecommunications giants NTT Docomo, KDDI au and SoftBank present new cell phones four times a year: spring, summer, fall and winter. All companies showcased their summer 2009 wares in the last few days, including some simply incredible devices. The top 10 models across all carriers (chosen by yours truly) after the jump. Read More

  • NEC shows off 1.5-pound netbook

    NEC has appeared to hit all the right notes with its VersaPro Ultralite VS netbook — high-resolution 1280×768 10.6-inch screen, 1.86GHz Atom Z540 CPU, just over an inch thick, and a seemingly-impossible weight of just a pound and a half. NEC unfortunately missed the “netbooks are supposed to be cheap” memo, as this little guy will be selling for over $1800. Read More

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