Neato Robotics is being shut down after 18 years

In many meaningful ways, the robot vacuum has been a true success story. The category is broadly considered to be the first mainstream home robot — and 21 years after the first Roomba went on sa

Dishcraft Robotics is using robots to save reopening restaurants from creating more waste

Dishcraft Robotics has a simple pitch to corporate kitchens and restaurants that could potentially save tons of single use plastic, noncompostable takeout containers, dishware and cutlery from ending

Alexa can now clean a floor with Neato’s robot vacuum

Neato got on the smartphone connected robot vacuum train early on, so it’s really only fitting that the company become the first to embrace Amazon’s multi-talented home assistant. Starting this we

Neato debuts a pair of connected robotic vacuums starting at $399

Neato, the other company that produces robot vacuums (no, the other, other company), is back with two new entries in its floor cleaning robo-servant line. The latest additions, debuting at IFA this we

Review: Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum

Short Version: Didn’t want to review the XV-11 as it’s about a year or so old by now and I found this absolutely horrible infomercial for it on their site. That’s two strikes right o