• Neat Cuts The Cord With The New NeatConnect Scanner

    Neat Cuts The Cord With The New NeatConnect Scanner

    Late-night TV commercial stalwarts Neat may seem a little chintzy at first blush but rest assured that their products – essentially very simple document scanners – are surprisingly good. Their latest version, the $499 NeatConnect, is a completely wireless scanning solution that lets you scan documents to services like Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Skydrive, and Google Drive. You can… Read More

  • Neat Launches NeatCloud And NeatMobile, Two New Document Storage Services

    Neat Launches NeatCloud And NeatMobile, Two New Document Storage Services

    I’ve had a love affair with Neat scanners for a while now and the company has just updated their roster with two new cloud offerings, the aptly-named NeatCloud and a mobile scanning system called NeatMobile. For those not in the know, Neat is essentially a scanner for receipts, documents, and business cards. It’s surprisingly fast and efficient and has allowed me, personally, to… Read More

  • The DIY 3-penny radio

    It’s hard to hate on this DIY three penny radio. It’s so simple to make, nearest I can tell, that even someone who has minimal soldering experience should be able to put it together. There’s only one part that you’ll probably need to send away for, the actual “brain” of the radio. It costs as whopping $2.00, affordable even in this environment. Have at it. via… Read More

  • Toyota's new digital dash includes the road you can't see

    While not a new idea, Toyota is executing a neat play on the digital road in its new Crown Hybrid series of cars. Using infrared cameras and other sensors, a virtual representation of the road ahead is displayed under the instrument panel. It’s smart, too; pedestrians and other objects are highlighted so the driver can be informed of things in the road before he can see them. The idea is… Read More

  • Digital Cowboy's HDD video dock is simple yet rad, like me

    While I remain an Apple TV fan, this set-top dock is pretty neat. It’s a dock that basically acts as a video out for the included 2.5-inch portable hard drive that’s full of all of your porn. Neat! It works with all the most popular video formats, including DivX, so you can download from BitTorrent right to the device and plug it right into your HDTV. We like it. Read More

  • Video: The Get Out Clause makes a video the new-fashioned way

    If you’re going to have to live in a Nanny State with Big Brother-like cameras all over the place, why not make the best of it? The Get Out Clause, a British indie band, did just that, playing their song paper in front of 80 various cameras around England and then requesting the tapes from the cameras as part of a Data Protection Act. They then edited the footage together into this… Read More

  • Video: Rad propeller clock looks cool and dangerous, like me

    What happens when a nerd takes a circuit board, LEDs, and an electric motor? He makes a virtual clock out of said spinning circuit board, and the results are cool, though not something I’d want to put my fingers near. Read More

  • Nerdy Brit girls invent dope sunlight-sensitive nail polish to quash school rules

    [photopress:varnish1.jpg,full,center] OK, this is really rad. Some students at a British high-school wanted to wear colored nail polish, but their school prohibited any kind of make up. They found the ban to be unfair so they came up with a novel approach that would keep them out of detention, but allow them to wear their blood-red fingertips. They invented nail polish that disappears when its… Read More

  • Sony's new photo printers do HDMI

    [photopress:DPP_FP95_1.jpg,full,center] Sony loves the idea of watching your photos on your TV. Bravia-series HDTVs come with Memory Stick readers, so if you also have a Sony camera or camcorder you can do just that. And now its launched these cool little photo printers with HDMI-out so you can view the contents of any memory card on any HDMI TV. We call it magic, and we’re afraid… Read More

  • Turn any iPod speaker dock into a Bluetooth speaker dock

    [photopress:NEWS_12621_cac54083ab5692c934f78aedb5166cdb.jpg,full,center] This is a cool little adapter for those of you who actually use your musicphone for music (there are a few of you, yah?). There really aren’t many docks for musicphones, at least as compared to iPods, so this little Bluetooth adapter turns any iPod speaker dock with a dock connector into speakers for musicphones… Read More

  • Circular LCDs on the way

    I’ve got a friend who’s obsessed with roundness. Spheres in 3D, and perfect circles in 2D. He’s all up in my grill about it being natures ideal shape, blah blah. He’s going to flip when I tell him about the new circular LCD displays Toshiba/Matsushita has developed. These aren’t really for computers, they’re for more bric a brac consumer products, but we… Read More