Hong Kong startup Neat raises $11M Series A to give small companies more financial services

Neat, a Hong Kong-based fintech startup, announced today that it has raised a $11 million Series A to help small businesses do cross-border trade. The round was led by Pacific Century Group, with part

Hong Kong’s Neat raises $3M to offer easy banking for startups and SMEs

Neat, a Hong Kong-based startup that gives startups and SMEs access to credit cards and banking services has pulled in $3 million in fresh funding. The new round is led by China-based VC Linear Capit

Neat is a challenger bank for early-stage startups and SMEs

With the growth in cross-border payment services and ‘challenger’ bank cards for consumers, you’d be forgiven for wondering where the options are for small business — where cas

Neat Cuts The Cord With The New NeatConnect Scanner

Late-night TV commercial stalwarts <a href="">Neat</a> may seem a little chintzy at first blush but rest assured that their products - essentially very simple document s

Neat Launches NeatCloud And NeatMobile, Two New Document Storage Services

I've had a love affair with <a href="">Neat scanners</a> for a while now and the company has just updated their roster with two new cl

The DIY 3-penny radio

It’s hard to hate on this DIY three penny radio. It’s so simple to make, nearest I can tell, that even someone who has minimal soldering experience should be able to put it together. There

Toyota's new digital dash includes the road you can't see

While not a new idea, Toyota is executing a neat play on the digital road in its new Crown Hybrid series of cars. Using infrared cameras and other sensors, a virtual representation of the road ahead i

Digital Cowboy's HDD video dock is simple yet rad, like me

While I remain an Apple TV fan, this set-top dock is pretty neat. It’s a dock that basically acts as a video out for the included 2.5-inch portable hard drive that’s full of all of your po

Video: The Get Out Clause makes a video the new-fashioned way

If you’re going to have to live in a Nanny State with Big Brother-like cameras all over the place, why not make the best of it? The Get Out Clause, a British indie band, did just that, playing t

Video: Rad propeller clock looks cool and dangerous, like me

What happens when a nerd takes a circuit board, LEDs, and an electric motor? He makes a virtual clock out of said spinning circuit board, and the results are cool, though not something I’d want

Nerdy Brit girls invent dope sunlight-sensitive nail polish to quash school rules

[photopress:varnish1.jpg,full,center] OK, this is really rad. Some students at a British high-school wanted to wear colored nail polish, but their school prohibited any kind of make up. They found the

Sony's new photo printers do HDMI

[photopress:DPP_FP95_1.jpg,full,center] Sony loves the idea of watching your photos on your TV. Bravia-series HDTVs come with Memory Stick readers, so if you also have a Sony camera or camcorder you c

Turn any iPod speaker dock into a Bluetooth speaker dock

[photopress:NEWS_12621_cac54083ab5692c934f78aedb5166cdb.jpg,full,center] This is a cool little adapter for those of you who actually use your musicphone for music (there are a few of you, yah?). There

Circular LCDs on the way

I’ve got a friend who’s obsessed with roundness. Spheres in 3D, and perfect circles in 2D. He’s all up in my grill about it being natures ideal shape, blah blah. He’s going to