• Under the hood of the NCAA bracket builder Crunch Network

    Under the hood of the NCAA bracket builder

    While the majority of fans might rely on their knowledge of the game, popular sports analysts, water cooler talk and a gut feeling, machine learning scientists are building a predictor tool to help the masses complete the ultimate bracket and win a few bucks from the office pool. Read More

  • March Madness And Connected Fitness: Who’s Best In The League? Crunch Network

    March Madness And Connected Fitness: Who’s Best In The League?

    March: the month where brackets are set, all-star players and teams are matched up and competitions determine who is best in the league. As the intensity of March Madness is upon us, I’ve been watching another landscape in which, similar to NCAA basketball, players are closely being measured and champions are already being predicted. I’m talking about the connected fitness… Read More

  • To Celebrate 75 Years Of March Madness, The NCAA Launches OnDemand YouTube Channel

    To Celebrate 75 Years Of March Madness, The NCAA Launches OnDemand YouTube Channel

    A few years ago, the organization rolled out its NCAA Vault from years and years of March Madness. Now it’s putting some of that footage to use, with the launch of a new YouTube channel, called NCAA OnDemand, which will be home to hundreds of the best clips from years of the tournament. Read More

  • Viewers Flock To CBS Sports For March Madness: 8.6 Million Total Hours Watched

    CBS Sports has just released the final tally of their traffic figures for this year’s NCAA March Madness, and the results are pretty impressive. Over the course of the tournament, viewers watched a total of 8.6 million total hours of streamed audio and video (a 75% increase over the 4.92 million last year). 7.52 million visitors used the on Demand video player, versus 4.76 million… Read More

  • March Madness streaming in HD this year

    Another year that March Madness is about to descend upon college basketball fans everywhere and another year that it appears my University of Puget Sound Loggers haven’t made it anywhere close to the big tournament. I’m beginning to think they might NEVER win a national championship. Maybe a little HD video streaming will dull my pain. Read More

  • March Sadness: Joost's pipes, they are clogged

    Wonh, woonnh. Seems Joost is acting up with the live streams of the NCAA games. I was able to get a split-second worth of one of those stupid cell shaded Charles Schwab commercials but every other time I’ve tried to get a one of the games loaded up, I’ve been getting an error message. Joost did say “we fully expect things to go wrong,” so I’ll keep trying… Read More

  • In case you hadn't heard, all NCAA games are on Joost

    Just a heads up that Joost will be conducting a test run of every game in the NCAA tournament, streamed live. There’s a fair amount of warning that this is a test of Joost’s live streaming capabilities, so take that into consideration if you’re hell bent on being able to watch the games reliably. There’s also’s live stream as well, so you’ve got… Read More