• Russian Search Giant Yandex Rolls Into Europe, U.S. With Digital Mapping Expansion; Richer Geo-Location Services In Pipeline

    Russian Search Giant Yandex Rolls Into Europe, U.S. With Digital Mapping Expansion; Richer Geo-Location Services In Pipeline

    Hot on the heels of launching its own internet browser and an Android app store to build out its business and keep Google at bay in its home territory, Russian search engine Yandex has quietly extended the reach of its digital mapping service — launching international maps for Europe and the U.S. The launch is a limited one at this point — forming a “basement” for… Read More

  • After Acquiring NAVTEQ Ad Group, Matchbin Becomes Radiate Media; Adds $22 Million In Financing

    After Acquiring NAVTEQ Ad Group, Matchbin Becomes Radiate Media; Adds $22 Million In Financing

    Matchbin, a company that creates CMS solutions and hosts websites for community newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations, announced today that it has acquired NAVTEQ Media Solution’s Radio and Television Group. The acquisition closes a $12 million credit facility with Silicon Valley Bank, and resulted in the creation of Radiate Media, which will offer localized content, digital CMSes… Read More

  • Nokia Integrates NAVTEQ With New 'Location & Commerce' Business, Closes Accenture Outsourcing Deal

    Nokia this morning announced that it is establishing a new ‘Location & Commerce’ business unit, which will be formed by integrating the NAVTEQ business with its social/location services operations. Effective July 1, 2011, Michael Halbherr will become executive vice president of the new unit and spearhead Nokia’s self-described “revised mission in mobile and… Read More

  • Nokia's Navteq acquires crowdsourced traffic data app Trapster

    Nokia-owned Navteq (technically the handset maker’s mapping division) has acquired crowdsourced traffic data app Trapster. Details remain undisclosed. The San Diego, USA-based company’s app, which runs on multiple mobile platforms – iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, WebOS and JAVA-compatible feature phones – as well as network aware dedicated Sat-Nav devices… Read More

  • NAVTEQ Study: Worst Traffic In U.S. On New York City Freeways

    NAVTEQ— the digital map, traffic and location data company— released a study today via its site and service naming New York City and its freeways as the most congested and traffic-delayed in North America. Freeways in Montreal, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston and Toronto cracked the top ten on this dubious list as well. Following New York on NAVTEQ… Read More

  • NAVTEQ Acquires 3D Technology Company PixelActive

    PixelActive, a 16-person company that provides 3D urban modeling software for video games, simulation, navigation, and urban planning, has been acquired by NAVTEQ for an undisclosed amount. The map, traffic and location data provider says it is buying the firm primarily to help it move from 2D to 3D maps. They’re arguably quite late to the party, if they’ve only now realized… Read More

  • Garmin refreshes two GPS lineups

    Garmin makes more GPS units than I would care to count, but when the firm update two of their mainstream lineups, I take notice. Both the nüvi 2×5 and the 7×5 models were updated with the former of the two receiving lifetime NAVTEQ Traffic alerts and Bluetooth calling features. Pricing and availability for the 265T, 265WT and 275T should be out soon.   The higher-end… Read More

  • FCC approves Nokia 500 GPS system, crowd goes wild

    Nokia’s push into consumer GPS devices is a good thing, if you ask me. Nobody asked me, but whatevs. This GPS system has been approved by the FCC and is slated to begin selling in Europe by the end of the year. Will the Nokia 500, like Akeem Joffer, be coming to America? The answer is uncertain. One thing that is certain, however, is Nokia’s “definitive agreement”… Read More

  • Nokia's Latest Pocket Computer (the N810) as Mobile Platform

    Nokia officially announced its latest pocket computer, the N810. It’s got a full slide-out keyboard, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, the works, and is due out next month for $479. Nokia has more like this coming. It now thinks of the phone as a computer, and its goal is to sell it not just to geeks and early adopters but to the mass audience as well. The N810 is its latest step in that direction. Read More

  • Nokia purchasing NAVTEQ

    The world’s largest mobile device manufacturer has announced their intent to purchase the leading provider of comprehensive digital map information, NAVTEQ, for $8.1 billion. Nokia realizes the importance of location-based services and they’re taking the necessary steps to one-up the competition down the road. The deal should be all squared away by Q1 of 2008. Press Release Read More

  • Nokia Maps

    Nokia is buying digital mapmaker Navteq for $8 billion. (See WSJ coverage here).  Navteq powers many in-car navigation services, but it is also one of the providers of mapping data used in Google Maps. Every mobile device should include mapping services. It’s a natural fit. But will Nokia try to charge extra for this or will every future Nokia phone come with free maps? You can… Read More