• Garmin To Buy Navigon

    Garmin Ltd. and Navigon AG just announced that the two companies have reached an agreement and a subsidiary of Garmin will acquire the privately-held navigation company. The financial terms of the transaction was not released. German-based Navigon pulled out of the North American PND market in 2009 and has since focused on the European region and smartphone apps. It’s likely that these… Read More

  • GPS Company Garmin Buys European Competitor Navigon

    As rumored, GPS device company Garmin has bought its European competitor Navigon AG. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but previous reports have indicated that the company was acquired for roughly $72 million. Navigon will operate as a subsidiary of Garmin. Similar to Garmin, Navigon, which is based in Germany, develops navigation software and GPS devices. The company also… Read More

  • Navigon trudges on with the 7310

    Navigon pulled out of the US market just a little bit ago and took a whole product line with them. That doesn’t mean that the company is done completely though. The 7310 was just announced and it looks alright. Read More

  • Navigon soon to be navi-gone from North America

    Apparently Navigon is abruptly getting out of the hardware GPS game in North America, citing “the difficult economic environment” and “aggressive pricing” from competitors. Navigon CEO Egon Minar told GPS Business News, “We have decided to withdraw from the PND business in North America for the time being. We are however not closing down our Chicago office which… Read More

  • NAVIGON releases the Rand McNally-powered 7300T, 4300T GPS units

    Navigon got cozy with Rand McNally a few months ago and now we are seeing the fruits of that relationship with three new GPS units, two packaged with the familiar traveling name. Read More

  • Review: The entire NAVIGON GPS lineup

    Short Version: We take a close look at four NAVIGON GPS units that are overpriced but still capable PND. Click on for a review of the 2000S, 2200T, 7200T and 8100T personal navigation devices. Read More

  • Navigon surveys drivers; no morning nookie for better drive time

    In a absolute apparent ploy to pimp its products, Navigon sponsored an independent survey of 1,021 drivers and found that *gasp* people don’t like morning gridlock. Here are the results: 94% of those surveyed get stressed when driving on the highway 86% find themselves in traffic congestion during the morning commute 67% would give something in the morning to reduce commute… Read More

  • NAVIGON breaks the mold and releases the 8100T flagship GPS

    Rather than releasing your standard black bezel, commonplace GPS unit, NAVIGON threw everything possible into the flagship 8100T GPS navigator. The real fun begins with a 4.8-inch widescreen touchscreen that serves up a gorgeous navigation experience once your eyes move past the striking brushed-metal exterior. Read More

  • NAVIGON 5100 Max and 2090S announced and goes Radio Shack only

    Radio Shack is gaining another GPS exclusive product with two new NAVIGON units. The 5100 max sports a large 4.3-inch touchscreen, NAVIGON’s Reality View Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, and an Advanced Text-to-Speech guidance system. The 2090S is equipped with a smaller 3.5-inch screen but retains most of its big brothers features. Both units come with NAVIGON’s FreshMaps so users… Read More

  • Garmin comes out on top of J.D. Power GPS rankings

    The J.D. Power and Associates just released the 2008 Portable Navigation Device customer satisfaction rankings with Garmin taking the top seat and TomTom following closely behind. These scores are a composite of six factors that include: ease of use, routing, system appearance, speed of system, voice direction, and navigation display screen.  Garmin ranks highest among portable… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Navigon 2100 for $99 after $20 rebate

    Yesterday we grabbed a GPS deal at $149. Now today, Staples has the Navigon 2100 GPS unit at $119 plus a $20 mail-in rebate, brining the price down to $99. The 2100 features preloaded maps of the lower 48, 3.5-inch touchscreen, text-to-speech, 3D navigation, and optional traffic information. Not bad at all for under $100. NAVIGON 2100 Portable GPS [Staples] Read More

  • NAVIGON into’s low price GPS 2000S Navigator

      NAVIGON’s latest GPS device packs in the firm’s latest software updates into a lower price, and thin, package. Lane Assistant Pro and Reality View Pro both with the 3.5-inch 2000S that’s launch price at $199 should attract buyer’s attention. The whole package reminds me of the 2200S announced last week but seems to lack the free traffic updates., the budget GPS… Read More

  • Navigon 2200T GPS is cheap and comes with free real-time traffic updates 4 life

    It’s safe to say that now’s the time to purchase a GPS after Navigon’s announcement today. I can’t attest to Navigon’s UI or ease of use, but I’d be willing to take that gamble. The 2200T is not only economical at $229, but you’re getting real-time traffic updates for free. Besides that nugget of gold, the 2200T features a 3.5-inch screen… Read More

  • Garmin refreshes two GPS lineups

    Garmin makes more GPS units than I would care to count, but when the firm update two of their mainstream lineups, I take notice. Both the nüvi 2×5 and the 7×5 models were updated with the former of the two receiving lifetime NAVTEQ Traffic alerts and Bluetooth calling features. Pricing and availability for the 265T, 265WT and 275T should be out soon.   The higher-end… Read More

  • NAVIGON launches the 7200T GPS Navigator

    NAVIGON has just announced the availability of their latest high-end GPS device. The company took the great 7100 model, threw in a Centrality Titan 600 MHz processor, an updated GPS chip, and still managed to pop out an overall smaller unit model.  The 7200T still maintains NAVIGON’s free, real-time traffic and most of the goodies from it’s predecessor, but the UI is… Read More

  • Review: Navigon 2100 Max GPS

    Navigon 2100 Max Navigon made waves not long ago by introducing GPS units with free map upgrades for a one-time fee, unique among entry-level GPS units. The 2100 Max is an inexpensive in-car GPS add-on with many high-end features, including text to speech, comprehensive POI database, and upgradable maps. Read More

  • Affordable NAVIGON 2100 max, 2120 max announced

    It’s nice to see GPS devices come out near the $300 point that don’t skimp too much on features. The NAVIGON 2100 max and 2120 max were announced today at CeBIT and feature a 4.3-inch widescreen display, text-to-speech directions, and “NAVIGON’s exclusive Reality View, which provides 3D guidance when approaching highway interchanges.” There’s also a… Read More

  • Navigon Adds Reality View to its 5100 and 7100 Portable GPS Units

    The Digital Life trade show won’t hit New York till October, but the boys and girls at Ziff Davis had a small (but very crowded, might I add) preview on Thursday, which I’m just getting around to writing about today. While it seemed like every other company there was tacking GPS onto its products, Navigon wants to distinguish itself. Its two new portable GPS units, the $499 5100… Read More