• Navigaya Opens Platform With Free HTML5 Channels For Content Owners

    Back in May, when Navigaya first debuted its ‘Ultra-Hot Content Platform‘, it was available for users to check out, but they couldn’t yet create their channels on top of the platform. That changes today. Navigaya is announcing three product versions, including an HTML5 version that is made available for free to bands, musician and video artists that want to create their very… Read More

  • Navigaya is One Ultra-Hot Content Platform (Exclusive TechCrunch Access)

    What single adjective best describes Navigaya? Gorgeous? Stylish? Addictive? Having spent a few weeks playing with it, I’d have to concede, all of the above. There really is just no way around it, Navigaya is one of the most mesmerizing content products I’ve seen in a while. Just watch the video demo above for a taste, or better yet, be one of the 1000 TechCrunch Readers to… Read More