Navier partners with Stripe to offer electric boat commute to far-flung employees

Electric boat startup Navier has landed the first official pilot program for its hydrofoiling watercraft, partnering with Stripe to bring passengers from San Francisco’s outskirts to the downtow

Navier’s hydrofoiling electric boat cruises West Coast waterways to line up first pilot programs

Electric boats are still a rarity on America’s waterways, but everyone seems to agree they represent a cleaner, quieter future for our lakes, rivers and coastal waters. Navier has moved impressi

Navier’s 30-foot hydrofoiling electric boat hits the water and prepares for production

Electric leisure boat startup Navier has managed to bring its concept hydrofoiling watercraft into reality, and has opened preorders — if you happen to have a few hundred grand laying around. It may

Navier wants to ‘democratize the waterways’ with leisure boats starting at $300K

Look, I’ll admit that I had to Google how much a boat costs, but any time someone pitches a story saying they are trying to “democratize” a recreational activity with a product that