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Singapore’s government launches blockchain innovation program with $8.9 million in funding

A group of Singaporean government agencies is launching a new research program for blockchain technology with $12 million SGD (about $8.9 million USD) in funding. Called the Singapore Blockchain Innov

Thai Mobile Shopping App ShopSpot Adds Brands, Gets $628,000

Shopspot, a startup out of Thailand with a mobile shopping app, has won $628,000 (S$779,000) after switching its shopper matchmaking app to a more traditional shopping interface. Its earlier app focus

Singapore Fashion Retailer Inverted Edge Takes $1.6M Funding

A Singaporean fashion retail site has secured $1.6 million (S$2 million) in funding from a government-backed group of VCs. When it launches next month, the e-tailer, called Inverted Edge, will carry a