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Recalled EV? Automakers shouldn’t get to count it toward fleetwide fuel economy

Recalls that prevent EVs and plug-in hybrids from charging result in additional pollution. Maybe there should be consequences for that.

Two senators urge the FTC to investigate Tesla over ‘Full Self-Driving’ statements

Two Democratic senators have asked the new chair of the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Tesla’s statements about the autonomous capabilities of its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving systems. T

US safety regulator opens investigation into Tesla Autopilot following crashes with parked emergency vehicles

U.S. auto regulators have opened a preliminary investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot advanced driver assistance system, citing 11 incidents in which vehicles crashed into parked first responder vehic

Tesla calls claims of unintended acceleration in NHTSA petition ‘completely false’

Tesla pushed back Monday against claims that its electric vehicles may suddenly accelerate on their own, calling a petition filed with federal safety regulators “completely false.” Tesla a

Department of Transportation releases new self-driving vehicle guidelines

Today, U.S. Depart of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao released the DoT and National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration's new guidelines for automated driving systems. This is version 2.0 o