• 'Extreme' National Geographic titles coming to Blu-ray

    National Geographic is bringing a collection of extreme sport clips shot entirelly on IMAX to Blu-ray. The film showcases snowboard, windsurfing, and rock climbing, all shot on high-def’s granddaddy. Blu-ray is the absolutely, perfect medium to showcase IMAX’s 70 mm stock, but how about World’s Wackiest Police Takedowns or When Animals Take Revenge instead of lame… Read More

  • Adventurers Unite on National Geographic's TOPO Explorer

    Remember when wireless technology was supposed to help us get out of our offices once in a while? What happened to that? Sure, we might not be constrained to our cubicles all day – instead, we carry them around with us. And let’s be honest… We all know a certain blogger who could stand to lose thirty pounds. It’s nice to see that sometimes this wireless stuff lives up… Read More

  • Blu-ray claims another studio: National Geographic

    Add National Geographic to the growing list of studio going exclusively Blu-ray. Starting with its next release, “Sharkwater,” (that’s the trailer up there) the comapny will ditch its practice of supporting both HD DVD and Blu-ray. It’s only released one such movie so far, “Relentless Enemies,” so it’s not a seismic shift in the landscape or… Read More