Nasty Gal

Sophia Amoruso launches Trust Fund for founders

Sophia Amoruso, the creator of Nasty Gal and Girlboss, has started a movement, has empowered generations of women and has done the entrepreneur victory lap — the last of which she doesn’t nece

How the myth of the ‘girlboss’ harms emerging women in tech

On Lafayette Street in SoHo, young, fashionable women lined up around the block to enter a minimalist, millennial oasis, the most perfect Instagram feed brought to life. Staff members glided around th

Girlboss pivots to provide a LinkedIn for professional women

Girlboss is the multi-media brand for women founded by serial entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, whose last company, Nasty Gal, presaged the direct to consumer trend before collapsing under the weight of it

Girlboss’ and Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso on picking yourself up after failure

At Disrupt SF 2018, Girlboss CEO Sophia Amoruso sat down with former TechCrunch co-editor Alexia Bonatsos to talk about the success of Girlboss and the failure of Nasty Gal, Amoruso’s failed ret

Emphasizing social, shareable and meaningful work, Girlboss launches a new site

Girlboss, the juggernaut business and lifestyle brand launched by serial entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso (the founder of Nasty Gal), has launched a fresh redesign of its website as the company looks to ev

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso just raised venture funding for her new company

Sophia Amoruso famously founded the retailer Nasty Gal, growing it from an eBay store that sold vintage items to a darling of the fashion world that was seeing more than $300 million in sales at one p

Boohoo a step closer to acquiring Nasty Gal’s assets for $20M

British online fashion retailer is a step closer to acquiring the brand and customer database of US fashion retailer Nasty Gal, which filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in Nove

Nasty Gal files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Yesterday, Nasty Gal, the retailer founded 10 years ago when Sophia Amoruso began by selling vintage fashion items on eBay, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the Central District of Cali

Nasty Gal Founder Sophia Amoruso Steps Down As CEO

Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, is no longer CEO of the fashion site. The company’s president and chief product officer, Sheree Waterson, will take over the position and also join its board.

Nasty Gal Lays Off Up To 10 Percent Of Its Workforce

Several sources confirm Nasty Gal has laid off up to 27 employees in the last week. "Business is down dramatically and leadership has been in panic mode for months," according to one source. #GIRLBOSS

Sophia Amoruso To Speak At TechCrunch Disrupt NY

Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso intently knows what it takes to build a brand online, turning her popular eBay vintage shop into a revenue opportunity worth over $100 million — and the envy of brick an

Fashion Site Nasty Gal Flirts With Free Overnight Shipping To Encourage Shoppers To Splurge

LA-based online fashion outlet Nasty Gal, which picked up almost $50 million in funding last year in two rounds (both from Index Ventures), is now using some of that cash to bankroll a limited time of

Badass LA Fashion Site Nasty Gal Picks Up A Badass $40M From Index Ventures For World Domination

<a target="_blank" href="">Nasty Gal</a>, a site dedicated to selling "badass", "unapologetically sexy" female fashion, has picked up a cool $40 million Series B round from Inde

Fashion Outpost Nasty Gal Raises $9M From Index Ventures, With $28M In Revenue

LA-based online fashion outlet <a href="">Nasty Gal</a> has raised $9 million from <a href="">Index Ventures</a>, after being sought after