• Proposed Food Safety Laws A Boon For Clean Tech Companies

    Today, the senate voted to work on a bill called the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act that would, among other things, require food producers, facilities and distributors in the United States to evaluate hazards more rigorously, undergo more inspections each year and implement preventive measures to keep food pathogen-free. Green tech companies that could benefit from higher standards for… Read More

  • NanoICE Gets A Cool $500,000 To Preserve Food (And Possibly Human Organs)

    A new SEC filing revealed today that NanoICE— a Seattle-area startup using molecular ice to chill and preserve meat, seafood and other raw materials as they are transported or stored— has secured a $500,000 investement (in the form of convertible debt financing). According to its website, the company’s customers include fishing vessels and food retailers today. The systems… Read More