• Video: Summer NAMM Conference Gadget Recap

    Video: Summer NAMM Conference Gadget Recap

    I descended upon Nashville’s Summer NAMM conference/trade show with high hopes of finding a plethora of musically oriented gadgets to ease and augment the playing experience for ostensible and pro musicians alike. How did it turn out? Well, let me first say for the record that we do cover music gadgets here; gizmos, tools and instruments with technology at their heart or portability in… Read More

  • Digitize your tapes with TapeLink

    Tape is dead. However my silly brother still has 400 of them in the bottom of the car, most of them in pieces but some are still enjoyable. The TapeLink from Alesis will let you digitize your old tapes, clean the sound with the bundled software and convert them to MP3’s. Read More

  • Ableton Live 8 featured at NAMM

    Live is a great piece of software. The latest version has a lot of new features, new instruments, better workflow and easy sharing of sets between users. Maybe this time the devs will make it sound good too. Read More

  • Native Instruments on track with the Maschine

    Last week the APC40, now the Maschine! It seems that the big pro audio companies are starting to realize what musicians need. The Maschine is the combination of a groove box and a controller. Read More

  • Boss reveals multi-effect processor and tuners at NAMM

    A major drawback of multi-effect processors is that they are digital. The sound coming out of them usually lacks the analog warmth. The ME-70 is easy to use, has knobs for every parameter so you can edit your sound quickly. Read More

  • Fold & carry keyboard for me

    I want the VAX77. I’m a rock star so I know that carrying instruments is always a problem. It has midi, usb, a small lcd, and a lot of synthesizer presets in there so you don’t need to set up the functions for all the knobs and buttons yourself. Read More

  • Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ Interface

    Professional DJs know that in 2007, it now takes more than two Technics-1200s and a RANE mixer to get the job done at a high-roller nightclub (unless you’re Carl Cox). Native Instruments, maker of all music software elite, knows this too and showed off its new digital DJ interface at NAMM. The Audio 8 DJ interface comes with four RCA inputs and outputs, MIDI input/output, mic in and… Read More