Video: Summer NAMM Conference Gadget Recap

I descended upon Nashville's <a href="" target="_blank">Summer NAMM conference/trade show</a> with high hopes of finding a plethora of musically oriented gadgets to ease

Digitize your tapes with TapeLink

<img src="" />Tape is dead. However my silly brother still has 400 of them in the bottom of the car, most of them in pieces but some ar

Ableton Live 8 featured at NAMM

<img src="" />Live is a great piece of software. The latest version has a lot of new features, new instruments, better workflow and easy s

Native Instruments on track with the Maschine

<img src="" />Last week the APC40, now the Maschine! It seems that the big pro audio companies are starting to realize what musicians n

Boss reveals multi-effect processor and tuners at NAMM

<img src="" />A major drawback of multi-effect processors is that they are digital. The sound coming out of them usually lacks the

Fold & carry keyboard for me

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-60750" title="vax77_1" src="" /> I want the VAX77. I'm a rock star so I know that carrying in

Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ Interface

Professional DJs know that in 2007, it now takes more than two Technics-1200s and a RANE mixer to get the job done at a high-roller nightclub (unless you’re Carl Cox). Native Instruments, maker