• Pre-order Your .CM Domain Now, Start Making Money Off Domain Typos Soon!

    I distinctly remember reading this Business 2.0 Magazine piece published back in May 2007 about Kevin Ham, ‘the most powerful dotcom mogul you’ve never heard of’. If you’re interested in the domain name business (lovingly called the nasty cybersquatter rat nest by some), I suggest you read it in full. Here’s an interesting passage just in case you’re a… Read More

  • Domain Industry Intrigue; Gets Hosed

    The domain name industry is all abuzz today (or will be soon) with the launch of a new service called NameJet. The service will compete in the $75 million/year “deleting domain name” business – when someone doesn’t renew a domain name it goes through a lengthy expiration process and is eventually spit back out to the market. 25,000 domains delete daily on average, and… Read More