• Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy Brings Four Player Split-Screen To iOS Gaming Via AirPlay

    Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy Brings Four Player Split-Screen To iOS Gaming Via AirPlay

    Some iOS games have done some pretty cool stuff with AirPlay, including Real Racing HD 2, but it’s always seemed like there’s so much more possible from the technology, especially when it comes to gaming. A new update for Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy from Namco Bandai adds split-screen gaming via AirPlay and the Apple TV. Up to four players can dogfight at once now, each playing… Read More

  • Wherein we talk about Tekken 6

    It’s unusual playing Tekken on anything but a Sony system. (I’m not counting Tekken Advance for the GameBoy Advance, and neither should you.) And yet here I am with Tekken 6 on the Xbox 360, using the same combos, with the same characters (that would be Bryan Fury and Law, if you’ll allow me to consider Forrest Law and Marshall Law the same character because, really, they… Read More

  • These Pac-Man 30th anniversary Zippos are very cool

    Namco’s Pac Man was first released in Japan May 22, 1980, which means the 30th anniversary of the cult game is a good year away. But if it’s Pac-Man, you can never celebrate too early: Starting in November, Namco Bandai, as the company is now called, plans to sell Pac-Man branded Zippos on the Japanese market. Read More

  • Namco releases Museum Essentials for the PlayStation Network

    Namco, creators of such classics like Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug, have announced Museum Essentials for the PlayStation Network. Now you can play the aforementioned games along with Dragon Spirit and Xevious on your PlayStation 3. There’s even Xevious Resurrection with co-op gameplay. This can be all yours for only $10. I know what I’m doing this weekend. Read More

  • Review: Klonoa for the Wii

    To say that Namco’s Klonoa is a throwback would be an understatement. Sure, we first saw Klonoa in 1997 for the PlayStation, but the remake for the Wii is more than just a reboot. It’s a throwback to the golden age of gaming circa 1985. It reminds me of classic side scrolling action that’s since been supplanted by 3D shooters and other abominations that I find myself… Read More

  • Wireless Tekken 6 joysticks on the way for $150

    Tekken 6 is still several months away—October 27 is circled on most fighting game fans’ calendars, I suspect—,but Namco just took the wraps off the joystick for the 360 and PS3 versions. It’ll run $150, about $50 less than the Fancy Pants version of the Street Fighter IV joystick from MadCatz. The joystick is wireless, yes. Read More

  • Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny teaser trailer

    It’s certainly short, but the gameplay footage from Namco’s upcoming Soul Calibur title for the PSP gives us just enough to keep us intrigued. Anyone excited for Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny? Read More

  • Contest Reminder: Free Tekken 6 swag

    Don’t forget about our Tekken 6 contest. Some of the fellas on staff think this is too hard of a contest, so if you agree then sound off in comments and we’ll change it up. Read More

  • CrunchArcade Contest: Win some free Tekken 6 swag

    Are you a big Tekken fan? Want to win the swag I got from the Namco Gamers Day event? What’s up for grabs: one Xbox 360 Kazuya Mishima face plate and one Tekken sticker poster. Read More

  • Namco Bandai Gamers Day 2009

    On Tuesday Namco held their annual Gamers Day where a bunch of jerkwad editors rain down on San Francisco to diddle with all of the upcoming games for 2009. A handful of games were announced and/or showcased and you may have heard about them, but if you didn’t then you’re in for a real surprise! Tekken 6, Katamari Forever, Soul Calibur and Dead to Rights were among the games… Read More

  • Soul Calibur hides the boobies

    Folks, when you’re going to get into a St. Stephen pose and show your tatas, let’s do it with some class. This is America, after all, and the Japanese cleavage shown on the left just won’t fly. For those not in the know, the left version is on the Japanese website for Namco Bandai and the right is on the American site. Incidentally, Puritans founded this nation over two… Read More

  • The Cell Processor: The Brains of The PS3 and Now Tekken 6

    The Cell processor already sits at the heart of Sony’s PlayStation 3, but starting with Tekken 6 it will also power arcade machines. Namco’s upcoming fighter is currently scheduled for release sometime this year and will be the first arcade machine to use the notoriously difficult-to-program-for Cell. This isn’t too surprising, considering that Namco always based their… Read More