nambu networks

  • Can't/Won't Sell, Goes Open Source, Blames Everyone

    Oh, this is rich. The Nambu Network, owners of the URL-shortening service announced today that the service will go open source on or before September 15 of this year. That’s odd since the service has now gone from completely shutting down, to trying hard to sell, to bringing the service back up so it can sell, to now going open source in just 8 days. Let me be clear, going open… Read More

  • Nambu Wants $80K-$100K For, Considers Shutting Down Its Twitter Client

    Earlier today, we reported on offering parent Nambu Network, a couple of ways to ensure all its links don’t die when the service stop supporting them at the end of the year. Nambu rejected those, as it is instead looking to sell. Now we know the price it’s asking for: As of right now, they’re seeking something between $80,000 and $100,000, three separate sources… Read More

  • Cuts Off's 301works Idea, Wants to Sell

    Yesterday, upon hearing that the URL shortening service was shutting down,, the largest URL-shortener, stepped in with a proposal. The offer wasn’t to buy the service, but rather to propose that host’s URL-mappings indefinitely, or that they join the project, a sort of archive for shortened web links. parent Nambu Networks has rejected… Read More