• Freefly’s New Alta Drone Lets Cinematographers Mount Their Cameras On Top

    Freefly’s New Alta Drone Lets Cinematographers Mount Their Cameras On Top

    Freefly is best known for its MoVI camera stabilizers, but the company started out with aerial cinematograhy, and while it hasn’t focused on it all that much lately, it’s long offered a professional drone, too. At this year’s NAB show, Freefly is returning to the drone market with the Freefly Alta, a ready-to-fly, multi-rotor platform for aerial cinematographers. Read More

  • Mobile Video Views Up 300% In 2012, With Tablets Driving The Charge With A 360% Increase

    Mobile Video Views Up 300% In 2012, With Tablets Driving The Charge With A 360% Increase

    Adobe has released its Digital Video Benchmark for the U.S. for 2012, wherein the Digital Index team shows what it learned monitoring video performance throughout the year across digital platforms. The study compiles data from Adobe Marketing Cloud customers, scoring viewing habits and also monitoring ad performance. 2012 saw a massive increase in mobile viewership, according to… Read More

  • CEA & NAB: TVs could be interfering with antenna reception

    Here’s a public service announcement from the friendly Consumer Electronics Association and National Association of Broadcasters: Move your TV antenna way from the TV for prime DTV reception. Read More

  • DTV Transition now less than six months away

    Americans are now less than six months away from the analog to digital transition. Barring any legislative roadblocks, February 17th, 2009 should be the last day of analog broadcasts. Some stations might have an extra two weeks due to the NAB quite period but don’t count on your station staying lit. We just don’t want to see anyone lose their television signals because of… Read More

  • NAB approves four-week quiet period around DTV switch

    Sssh. This is strictly hush-hush. The National Association of Broadcasters have passed a four-week ‘quite period’ that should maintain analog signals before and after the national shutoff date of February 17, 2009. From the sounds of it, the majority of the networks have signed the action –CBS is one notable exception — which will give procrastination Americans two… Read More

  • Apple skipping NAB 2008

    [photopress:Untitled_9.jpg,full,center] Now this is interesting. Usually a notable presence at NAB, Apple has announced they’ll be sitting this one out. No word on why, just that it will be focusing less on trade shows and more on its retail stores and website. Considering it’s a consumer brand more than industrial, this makes sense. Apple drops out of NAB show [TV Tech] Read More

  • Is HD Radio waving or drowning? Depends on who you ask

    [photopress:hdhdhdradio.jpg,full,center] The basic problem with HD Radio is that, no matter how crystal clear you make radio sound, it’s still radio. Commercial radio, on the whole, is absolute garbage. Maybe iBiquity needs to come to terms with that before it starts accusing XM and Sirius of unfair business tactics. IBiquity, the main force behind HD Radio, says sales increased some… Read More

  • CrunchGear at NAB 2007

    We’re in the pit known as Vegas for a couple days to bring you some goodies live from the floor of NAB, the National Association of Broadcaster’s convention, and Carrot Top is in town. Awesome. :( We’ll bring you stuff from Red, Apple, Sony, and anyone else who catches our eye. Feel free to comment with any requests if there’s something special you’d like to see… Read More

  • ATI's New Mac-Specific Radeon Breathes Fire, Kills Dragons, Has CrossFire

    This is the Radeon X2800XT with CrossFire technology. It’s a mammoth of a video card. And if rumors hold true, it’ll hit the streets this April at NAB in Las Vegas. But you won’t be able to buy this guy off the shelf just then. No, the X2800XT with CrossFire will be incorporated into the updated MacPros we’ve been hearing about. And that’s an exclusive deal… Read More