NAB 2008

  • Theater Owners org chief: We need more digital 3-D projectors, but the industry's dragging its feet

    Excited for the explosion of 3-D films set to hit in 2009? You can suck it, accordin gto NATO (Nation Association of Theater Owners) president John Fithian, because not enough theaters are outfitted with the proper gear to project the 3-D images. It isn’t the technology, really, or even the price, it’s the organizations involved. The theater owners want one standard for 3-D… Read More

  • Red announces new Epic 5k digital cinema camera out of nowhere

    As if Scarlet wasn’t enough, Red today surprised many by launching a new flagship digital cinema camera known as the Red Epic. It’s fairly similar to the Red One in most respects, except that instead of shooting in 4k, it shoots in 5k, which is fairly nuts. It works with all current 35mm lenses the current Red One supports, as well as most of the other hardware. It’s… Read More

  • Red's Scarlet makes her debut

    We’ve been hearing whispers about Scarlet for a few months now, and today she’s made her first appearance. Scarlet is the code name of Red’s “professional pocket camera”, and that’s all we’ve known about it until today. Now, however, we know that it’s a fairly small digital still and video camera that can shoot up to 3k resolution, which is… Read More

  • NAB 2008: JVC launches new HD pro camcorder

    It’s lovely Las Vegas, where NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters, is just starting up. It’s one of the largest conventions in the world, rivaling CES in size and scope, but sadly the vast majority of the things on display are mind-numblingly boring to the average person. JVC, though, has taken it upon itself to launch many new products at NAB today, including the… Read More