NAB 07

NAB 2007: Aja's Firewire Do-It-All

Aja makes video capture and playback solutions for both Mac OS and Windows PCs, and at NAB, the company has set us adrool. Final Cut Studio 2, Apple’s awesome looking new digital video editing s

NAB 2007: Apple's Final Cut Suite 2 Demoes Kick Ass

Digital video is more than a major theme at NAB this year, it’s the reason it exists. And everyone wants a piece of Apple’s Final Cut Studio 2 action, and we mean everyone. By far the larg

NAB 2007: Live from the Red Booth

There are those who think that the Red One camera is vaporware. I’m here to tell you it’s not. We just spent some quality time in the booth and saw four of the cameras in action, as well a