• Video: Is that a Nokia N900 controlling a PS3 via Bluetooth? (Yes.)

    This is a video showing BlueMaemo, an application that allows you to control your PS3 with a Nokia N900. Well, it will allow you to control any number of devices, it’s just that there’s a video of it interacting with a PS3. All hail mighty Bluetooth, king of the wireless protocols. Read More

  • Nokia N900 unboxed at Maemo Summit '09

    300+ developers attending the Maemo Summit were given a (pre-production) Nokia N900 for a 6 month “trial” period. One of the lucky attendees was kind enough to share his unboxing video (above) with the world. See, kids. Dreams can come true. [via UMPCPortal] Read More

  • Nokia N900 hits T-Mo USA for pre-order — $649

    Just as we suspected would happen, the N900 has hit T-Mobile USA’s interwubs and is up for pre-sale. $649 is a little less than the dollar equivalent of its price in Euros, but you know how those things go. I know, it seems like a lot of money. And it is. But you have to admit that the N900 really is a hunka chunka burning phone. [via Cell Phone Signal and Engadget] Read More

  • Nokia N900 press shot trickles onto the interwebs

    See that image up above? Looks like our mockups from waaaaay back in May were about as spot on as it gets – though the in-the-flesh shots from a few days ago already proved that. Though there’s not much left to be revealed at this point, the fact that the above promo shot is all wrapped up and being leaked further cements the idea that Nokia will be announcing the N900 at Nokia… Read More

  • Nokia Rover/N900 gets caught on camera, preview coming soon. [UPDATED]

    There it is, folks, in what appears to be final form: the Nokia N900, otherwise known as the Rover or RX-51 – and boy, does it look gorgeous. We broke the news of the N900 back in May, and the final hardware appears to match inch-for-inch with the concept image we drew up at the time. Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review has been trickling out screenshots of the N900’s operating… Read More

  • FCC docs show… Nokia's N900?

    Remember that big reveal we did of Nokia’s next internet tablet? Well, these FCC documents appear to show the very device… or at least its outline. The picture is only for the FCC to show where its little “OK by us” label is, and there’s no revelation other than the basic shape (lozenge) and many buttons or knobs around the edges (indeterminate). If you click… Read More

  • Exclusive: Everything There Is To Know About Nokia's Next Tablet

    Move over, Nokia N97. Your bigger, badder, unannounced brother is on the way – and one of our sources at Nokia has just clued us in on all of the details, from worldwide launch targets to hardware specs. Read More