Maemo OS2008 for Nokia N800/810 looks hot

OS2008 is officially available for the N800 and it looks pretty hot. The web-browsing is almost perfect now — Flash video looks good — and Ajax web apps work as well. There are some new ap

Sprint, Nokia Bring WiMax to N800

On the surface, the Nokia N800 is a fairly simple device. It’s an Internet applicance, or an “Internet Tablet”, as Nokia likes to call it. With it’s built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetoot

Nokia N800 Gets Kinetic Scrolling

Kenneth Christiansen has gone and done it. Done what? He’s given N800 owners one more piece of code to give their Internet tablets an iPhone-like feature, kinetic scrolling. This has nothing to do w

Nokia N800 Gets iPhone-like Keyboard

iPhone envy is still abound throughout the US, but more so outside of the country and it’s quite evident by the video showcasing a virtual touch-keyboard on the Nokia N800. Coded in Python, the keyb

Nokia Internet Tablet OS Gets Upgraded

Nokia may not have a multi-touch screen, but they do have a few things up their sleeve that Apple doesn’t. The N800 isn’t a phone per se, but the Wi-Fi feature coupled with the latest upgrade make

Nokia N800 Quick Look

I take a gander at the Nokia N800, their latest N-Series Internet tablet. Much cooler than the 770 but I’m still not convinced it’s a total must-have. UPDATE – Improved the audio a b

Nokia N800 Hands On

Got the N800 yesterday and I can’t say I’m blown away. I liked the N770 — a lot of folks didn’t — and this is an impressive upgrade but it’s not currently a must ha

MobileCrunch's Take on Nokia N800

Oliver at MobileCrunch got his mitts on a Nokia N800 for a whole month and wrote a fairly detailed and expository review of the Internet tablet that would be king. His final assessment? All in all I l

Nokia N800: Uber-Brief Hands On

Sorry about the size of this video, but we lost some of the footage so all we have is Blake fondling the N800. We have a meeting with the Nokia folks a little later so we’ll get a nicer look the

Nokia N800 (nee N870) Unearthed

The Nokia N770 is probably one of the most unsung devices out there. I love mine — it’s a tiny, handy Internet tablet with brains. The N800, it seems, is 10 times better. The fellow at Rin