• Helio drops price of unlimited plan, again

    Helio has once again dropped the price of their unlimited plan down to $99 from $145. You know the drill. Now drop on by your nearest store and take advantage while you can. The Ocean and Mysto are great choices in case you needed some advice on a handset. Helio Read More

  • Step right up, get your Mysto

    Starting tomorrow – Wednesday the 16th of January for those of you not in the know – you will be able to pick up a Mysto anywhere they sell Helio gear. Yes, our little Mysto that we’ve followedfrom babyhood, and nurtured lovingly, is officially being released into the wild. It’s a great little phone that packs a lot into a small package (it’s heavy!) and… Read More

  • Helio's Mysto gets the CrunchGear treatment

    The Mysto has landed, and it is pretty hot. The slim slider is one of the best sliding phones I’ve seen yet. Samsung really knows what it’s doing with this form factor, and, with Helio, has made a pretty terrific mid-range phone that has high-end features. My first impressions of the phone came not just in how it looked — it’s Heigl-style attractive — but in how… Read More

  • Mysto: Exclusive first pics

    What’s small and slim and super-secret? The Helio Mysto. Just tore open the box. Review and video to come. Read More

  • Mysto from Helio drops today, sort of

    Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re going to have to on this particular occasion. The Mysto from Helio, which is keeping up with surf-related theme (I obviously dig that. Mysto is a ultra secret spot that no one else knows about and some may consider a myth), was outed by us a few weeks ago and we just caught wind that it’s hitting the market today. It’s not… Read More

  • Exclusive: Helio Mysto outed

    Look what I found today. The first official pics of the Mysto from Helio. The CDMA version of the U600, of course. Ain’t she a beaut? No word on specs or release date, but it’ll run $150. Can’t wait for this slick slider to make its way into my hands. Wondering where I found this gem? I’ll never tell. Read More

  • Helio Mysto unveiled

    Peter Ha grabbed the first images of the Helio Mysto, the successor to the Drift. It’s essentially a CDMA version of the Samsung U600. No specs yet but the U600 has: * 3.2 Megapixel Camera
    * (Half Shutter, Auto Focus, Flash)
    * 262144 Color TFT Screen (2.22”)
    * 103.2×49.3×10.9 mm
    * 60 MB + microSD
    * Video Recording (MPEG4, H.263)
    * Music… Read More

  • Samsung U600 assembly witnessed first hand

    During my stay in Korea, I was privy to visit one of Samsung’s manufacturing plants in Gumi, which is referred to as the Gumi complex (the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world) and ranks as the sixth largest company if it were its own entity. The Gumi Complex is large, I don’t remember the exact acreage, but it’s massive. There are onsite apartment buildings for… Read More

  • Helio Drift drifts away, makes room for Mysto

    The Helio Drift has been wiped from the site, which means there’s room for another device and it means you can swoop up a Drift for cheap. A new Samsung device passed through the FCC that was branded Helio and it appears that Helio Mysto has been trademarked. But…but…I love my Ocean. I may have to put it away if the Mysto is the Samsung pictured above. Drift Retired, New device… Read More