• Pop Quiz: What are those ports in the Penny Arcade logo?

    Go look (or just raise your eyes a little ^ ). We’ve been discussing it for a while and we just can’t figure out what system those ports in the title bar are from. We’ve crossed a lot of systems off the list and so far Genesis and Atari are the closest. I’m guessing it’s actually just a stylized, fictional port. What do you think? Read More

  • Another piece of the RED puzzle

    What the deuce is it? They’re speculating wildly at the Reduser forum; some think it’s an combination rail/battery/control pack for the Scarlet (it says “Scarlet” around the “eye”), some think it’s not even orientated correctly in the picture and Jannard is playing a joke on them. Others question the material, ports and so on. We won’t know for… Read More

  • Siren.gif: Blizzard splash page updated with eyes or something, probably means Diablo III

    Oh my stars, the Blizzard Web site has been updated again! Who saw this coming? Answer: everyone. The newest thing, I think, is these eye-looking things in the dead center of Blue Yonder. A friendly tipster thinks that that means a Diablo III announcement is in the works at some Blizzard thing in a few days. Feel free to speculate, since I have zero knowledge of the Diablo universe. Presumably… Read More

  • Mysterious boatload of something declared by Apple

    We received a mysterious tip in our e-mail inbox from Ryan Peterson at that stated the following; Hi, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of Apple’s U.S. customs declarations over the past few months, and detected a massive surge–188 containers–of a new product never before imported by the company.  Given the dwindling stocks of the current generation, and… Read More

  • Video: iPod Touch playing OSX intro music OK, this is rather odd. Yesterday afternoon I was leaving to pick up Peter Ha from the airport. I put my iPod Touch into it’s DLO VentMount, snapped in the Belkin car kit, and turned on my car. The iPod was already playing music. I thought it was weird but didn’t give it much thought until I… Read More

  • Apple's iFit will PUMP! YOU UP!

    Recent patent filings (in black and white so the OS looks like System 6) show a full-featured program spanning OS X and an iPhone-like device, designed to guide and track you on a fitness regimen, complete with advice, illustrations, rep counts and stuff like that. It looks like there are suggestions of accessories for pedometers, blood pressure monitors, and so on as well. I recently ragged… Read More

  • Mystery mouse with a countdown

    There are no details to be found on this interesting-looking mouse other than the fact that it comes out some time next week. I used to think there was nothing new under the sun when it came to mice, but that was before I saw Logitech’s MX Air — so maybe this will surprise me too. Check out the site for a countdown timer and an exciting one-second clip of the mouse shooting… Read More

  • Four mystery phones appear on Verizon's Website [UPDATE]

    It’s common knowledge round these parts that Verizon probably has the best coverage, but their devices have been so-so. Oh, who am I kidding? The phones available on that network are about as atrocious as their customer service and rate plans. But their device lineup is certainly shaping up to take on the likes of T-Mobile. Well, actually, every major service provider is getting a… Read More

  • Mystery Vodafone-branded Palm Device Appears

    A crazy looking Palm device has showed up on the interwebs. Absolutely nothing is known about it, other than the obvious logos and interface. We can make out a Vodafone and Palm logo, as well as Windows Mobile on the display. What makes this device interesting is the all-white paint-job it features and its brushed aluminum buttons. It’s pretty fugly looking, so let’s hope this is… Read More

  • Update: Mysterious 12th Application Disappears From iPhone

    Apple reedited one of the iPhone videos to eliminate the so-called mystery application that had everybody talking these past few days. Once again, it’s Macenstein that points out that the 12th icon from the “How To” ad has disappeared, leaving us with the 11 icons that we all know and love. (Though, for whatever reason, 12 icons are still present in the “Never… Read More

  • New, Mystery App Spotted on iPhone

    Hats off to Macenstein, whose sleuthing efforts have paid off to the tune of 1,300 Diggs. In the newly released iPhone movies, Macenstein noticed the appearance of a mystery application on the iPhone’s home menu. What was originally 11 apps on the home menu is now, apparently, 12. Dun, duh, duuh. What could be the new mystery app? Are you excited to find out? Who has the time to… Read More

  • Microsoft Mystery Solved: It's 'Surface'

    As of 12:01 EST, we know the identity of Microsoft’s mystery guest. It seems that Redmond is launching Surface — an interactive “desk” that can sense styli and objects and interact with other devices using RFID and other wireless protocols. Told ya so. It will be available in Harrahs and Starwood Casinos as well as in select T-Mobile stores. That’s right &mdash… Read More

  • The Mystery of the Multiple Apple TVs

    Holmes: Ah, Mr. Watson. Let us take a pipe of opium and discuss this matter, shall we?
    Watson: Yes, Dear Mr. Holmes. Let’s.
    H: Attention, then, please. We have here the page for the Airport Extreme Base Station. What do you see?
    W: An overpriced 802.11n device?
    H: You are an ignorant buffoon, Dear Mr. Watson, and your mother was a fishwife. To that end, we return to our examinations. Read More