• You could be playing Myst or Fallout for $2.99 right now (thanks, Good Old Games!)

    Just another friendly heads-up, guys and dolls. Good Old Games, the Web site that sells good, old games (and completely DRM-free), has a bit of a sale going on right now that’s surely worth your time. Fallout for $2.99! Myst for $2.99! And more~! Read More

  • Myst, Riven mad cheap on GoG this weekend

    This is just a friendly heads up for all the gamers in the audience. Good Old Games, a video game download service (think Steam, but less intrusive) created by the people who developed The Witcher, has a sale this weekend on games developed by Cyan, Inc. Oh, shiny~! Read More

  • Myst FREE for iPhone is now… free. Quite.

    Do you have an iPhone? Would you like to play Myst for free? You can, sorta! What used to be the Myst demo is now called Myst FREE. You can explore Myst Island, but that’s about it. Read More

  • Myst for the iPhone: Now smaller, less groundbreaking

    Way back in the olden days, Myst was known colloquially as the “shiznit.” In 1993, a video game with rendered, ray-traced graphics that brought the reader through a magical world of Steampunk-inspired puzzles and mysteriously-worded letters from your uncle. The game was launched the same year as Doom and I assure you that Myst was on par with that proto-FPS in terms of… Read More

  • Happy birthday, Myst! You're 15!

    Join me in celebration of everyone’s favorite pre-rendered CD-ROM based point-and-click adventure game. Sure, games like King’s Quest and Monkey Island had better stories, dialogue, and gameplay, but Myst was ahead of the industry in that it understood what really sells games: being shiny. It’s testament to just how immersive the game was at the time that this glorified… Read More

  • Myst coming to iPhone for some reason!

    In case you never got to play Myst, which seems unlikely given that it’s one of the most popular games of all time, now’s your chance to do it. Being a point-and-click game, essentially made in Hypercard, it does lend itself to the iPhone’s simple interface, although as IGN’s recent review of Myst DS indicates, it’s not exactly a small-screen game. Let’s… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Sneak peek at Myst for the DS So I just sat down with Hoplite Research’s President and CEO Manny Granillo where he gave CG a full rundown of Myst for the DS. This… Read More

  • MYST Goes Episodic With GameTap

    Long before there was that strange island on LOST, there was the strange island in the game MYST. Now after several sequels, a few more mysteries might just be solved as Myst Online: Uru Live transitions to an episodic model. Beginning May 19th all of the future episodes’ content and story – including objects, new Ages and even story revelations – will be released within… Read More