MySpace Squandered the Only Thing It Had Left

<b>Editor's Note:</b><em> Brenden Mulligan created Onesheet, a tool that enables musicians to create beautiful web presences in two minutes.</em> MySpace. Or is it Myspace. Or is it My______. Truth

Lost On New Myspace. Can’t Escape Justin. Send Help.

I've signed into <a target="_blank" href="">Myspace</a> using my Facebook account. <a href="

The New Myspace Opens, Hoping A Justin Timberlake Single Can Help It Fly

New Myspace made its debut back in September (when it made our own Drew Olanoff "want to hurl") but the redesign has only been available to limited beta participants before now. Today, the next-genera

Myspace Lost $43M In 2012. Here’s Why Launching A Profit-Thin Music Service Could Nail The Coffin Shut

Unless Specific Media hits a home run with the new streaming music service it's raising $50 million to pivot Myspace into, its bargain basement buy of the social network for just $35 million in 2011 c

The Mere Existence Of A “New Myspace” Makes Me Want To Hurl. Just Let It Go.

Ok, folks, dust off your old web browsers, because Myspace is teasing a brand new design! Yes, the Justin Timberlake-backed whatever-it-is-now has slapped a new coat of paint on something that has alr

Keen On… Chris DeWolfe: What I Learned From The MySpace Failure (TCTV)

There is always an element of the confessional about interviewing people, but I really felt like a priest when I interviewed <a href="">MySpace</a> co-founder

Murdoch On Myspace: “I Made A Huge Mistake.”

Rupert Murdoch withstood intense grilling at News Corp's annual shareholder meeting today, which focused largely on the phone-hacking scandal that is causing such an upset in the company's financials

You Know What’s Cool? Not Myspace

Myspace savior Specific Media <a href="">laid off 8% of its staff</a> yesterday, about 50 people. Those laid off we

Myspace Owner-Specific Media Hit With Layoffs

Myspace owner-<a href="">Specific Media</a> has laid of a percentage of its staff today, we've confirmed with the company. Specific Media said these layoffs took place in

Five Things I Learned At MySpace That Could Help Google+

This is just a guess, but I'd bet money that Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz probably feel like their heads are going to explode. Anyone on the G+ team who really cares about G+ is probably getting

How MySpace Tom May Have Inadvertently Triggered The Google/Facebook War

Gotta love <a href="">Tom Anderson</a>. Newly reinvigorated by the launch of Google+, "MySpace Tom" has become a social power user (and regular TechCrunch

LinkedIn Surpasses Myspace For U.S. Visitors To Become No. 2 Social Network; Twitter Not Far Behind

<img src="">Professional social network Linkedin surpassed Myspace in terms of traffic to become the No. 2 most visited social networ

He's Bringing Myspace Back: Justin Timberlake Takes A Stake

<img src="" /></a>You know what <a href="!/EvelynRusli/status/86164015826485248">isn

Myspace Acquired, CEO Out: Email From Mike Jones To Employees

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" />Myspace CEO <a href="

Sean Parker On Why Myspace Lost To Facebook

<img src="" alt="" title="Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 4.47.23 PM" />With <a href="

Myspace Expected To Lay Off At Least 150 Employees On Wednesday

<img src="" />We've confirmed the <a href="">rumors of Myspace layoffs</a> with our own inside source; From what

Myspace Stops Believin', Shutters Myspace Karaoke

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />Sad news for some karaoke fans out there: MySpace Karaoke — a feature that <a href="https:/

MySpace Stabilizes Unique Visitors, But All Other Usage Stats Plummet

<img src='' class="shot2" alt="" />Check out the <a href="

Exclusive: The Bleak Financial Numbers From The MySpace Sale Pitch Book

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" />Back in 2008 MySpace was on a roll. They racked up <a href="

Yet Another Senior MySpace Exec Bails: SVP Tish Whitcraft Joins Tagged

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" /><em>"Tish Whitcraft recently joined MySpace as SVP of Customer Care res
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