• Twhirl Supports FriendFeed Rooms, But Not Seesmic – Quite Yet

    I’m in Erick’s camp. While delighted to receive the occasional YouTube video in my inbox from friends, I largely sit things out when it comes to personal broadcasting services like Twitter and FriendFeed – they simply generate too much noise (and I have too little time to sift through it all). So perhaps I’m not the best-suited to review the newest version of Twhirl… Read More

  • MySocial 24×7 Launches FriendFeed/ Twitter AIR App

    MySocial 24×7, a Friend Feed/ Twitter Firefox sidebar Michael wrote about in April has launched an Adobe AIR application. Like the Firefox sidebar, the AIR app allows users to filter the view by type of data, comment or bookmark any entry, and users can also reply via Twitter. The big selling point for the new app is an inbuilt movie/picture viewer, allowing users to view content without… Read More

  • MySocial 24×7 Is An Excellent Tool For FriendFeed Junkies

    MySocial24x7, which launched early Tuesday morning, is a Firefox extension that allows users to access most FriendFeed functionality via their API directly from the browser sidebar. Users can filter the view by type of data (Twitter, RSS feeds, YouTube, etc.), can comment or bookmark any entry, and can also reply via Twitter. This is one of many desktop based solutions coming out for… Read More