• Oku Skin Care Sensor

    Oku Warns You Before You Get The Pizza Face

    If you’re like me, your face is a pock-marked mess, oozing with pus and fluids and endlessly painful. But there is hope for people like me. There is Oku. This little sensor can see through your skin to give you advice on skin care and can even tell you when your pimples are about to settle down and disappear. It costs $299 and connects to an iPhone app to assess your skin health. The… Read More

  • Measure Your Skin Health and Fight Acne with ScanZ

    Worried About Acne? mySkin Launches ScanZ Device And App To Monitor The Health Of Your Skin

    ScanZ, a product unveiled today at Disrupt Europe, combines a new, iPhone-connected device with a quantified self-style app to help teens battle acne. The product comes from a company called mySkin, which plans to launch a $150,000 Kickstarter campaign this week to fund the launch (I will update this post once the campaign is live). Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Sava Marinkovich told… Read More

  • mySkin iPhone App Connects You With The Right Skincare Products

    mySkin iPhone App Connects You With The Right Skincare Products

    You may be more beautiful than the the future love child of Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart, but bad skin can ruin it all. That said, there’s a new beauty app launching on the Apple App Store to help you find the best possible skincare products for your unique skin. Dubbed mySkin, the app essentially lets you check which skincare products work best for your skin before you ever… Read More