• Wishpot Takes $1 Million Series A

    Social shopping site Wishpot has taken $1 million Series A in a round led by Monster Venture Partner that included H-Farm and Adrian Hanauer. Wishpot is a social shopping service that lets you collect and and share information about items you find online and in stores. By creating a common space in which users can browse, recommend products, get advice, and find new items they’re… Read More

  • Gifttagging Widget Helps You Get Gifts You Actually Want

    Last Christmas my dad gave me “Love Smart” by Dr. Phil. It was horrifying. This year, I am taking the necessary steps to make sure something like that never happens again! I started with UK-based We covered the company in April in comparison to MyPickList. Gifttagging has a new widget that installs two icons in the toolbar. One lets you tag any page, sending the… Read More

  • My Pick List adds Myspace Widget

    MyPickList is a new service that launched earlier this month. It allows users to create a list of items they would recommend to others, linked to merchants that sell those items. I wrote about it pre-launch here. They are creating tools to easily create the lists and publish them on websites. My Pick List has affiliate relationships with the merchants (current list is here), and gives publishers… Read More

  • Two New Shopping Lists, with Different Goals

    UK-based Gifttagging just launched moments ago, and Florida-based MyPickList will be launching a private beta in about two weeks. These are similar products (product bookmarking), but with different functions. Gifttagging is focused on a wish list (think Amazon Wish List), whereas MyPickList is all about making cold, hard cash based on product recommendations. Gifttagging… Read More