• BMW Teams Up With, Invests $5 Million In MyCityWay

    Auto maker BMW recently established a New York-based venture capital firm dubbed BMW i Ventures that it seeded with $100 million to seek out partnerships that might facilitate BMW-i product adoption in urban markets. BMW-i is a BMW sub-brand solely focused on developing and producing sustainable mobility vehicles. Its first investment was made public this week: BMW pumped $5 million into… Read More

  • The Goldmine Of Opportunities In Gov 2.0

    The Goldmine Of Opportunities In Gov 2.0

    Seeing a need to help 60 million Americans manage their $4 trillion dollars in retirement accounts, Mike and Ryan Alfred launched BrightScope in 2008. They headed to Washington, DC, to obtain electronic data on 401K plans from the Department of Labor. They assumed that since every employer is required to provide the government with this information, it would be readily available to any… Read More