German Groupon clone Citydeal gets €5m in second round

<img class="shot" title="logo-citydeal" src="" alt="Citydeal" width="220" height="64" />[Germany] The Samwer brothers have done it aga

Attack of the Groupon clones – Here comes Snippa

<img src="" alt="" title="snippa" width="218" height="79" class="shot" />[UK] Now this is getting a little silly. <a href=" – yet another Groupon clone launches in the UK

<img class="shot" title="groupola" src="" alt="" width="276" height="99" />[UK] A new website launches in the UK today that uses "the power

German Groupon clone Mycitydeal secures €4m, readies UK launch

<img class="shot" title="mycitydeal" src="" alt="" width="238" height="59" />[Germany/UK] <a href="">Mycitydeal<

Samwer brothers pump millions from France and Sweden into their German startups

<img class="shot" src="" alt="" />[Germany] While others hunted for presents, <a href="