• Ring MyBell

    Ring MyBell

    If you’ve ever nearly ended up under an SUV or been doored by a sleepy minivan-driver, you’ll appreciate the MyBell. Designed by the folks at in Brooklyn, the $99 horn allows you to add up two digital audio files and multiple custom light patterns that will blast drivers with 105 decibels of noise and 110 lumens of light. The resulting cacophony should keep you out from… Read More

  • CE Week 2013 NY Startups Tour

    CE Week’s Startup Pavilion Serves Up Bikes, Hydroponics, And Rotary Phone Photo-Sharing

    In the Startup Pavilion at CE Week, there’s just as much diversity as there is similarity among the new flock of products and services hitting New York. We saw a number of bikecessories, bike services, and reached the other end of the spectrum by visiting a cloud-based hydroponics monitoring solution and a nice twist between new-school photo-sharing and old-school phones. Join us… Read More