• Content Recommendation Startup My6sense Raises $2M After Shifting Focus To Mobile Publisher Tools

    Content Recommendation Startup My6sense Raises $2M After Shifting Focus To Mobile Publisher Tools

    Personalized content startup My6sense announced today that it has raised $2 million in new funding. It’s also using the announcement to talk about its new focus — the company’s Content Discovery Bar for publishers. In the past, my6sense used its technology to build content recommendation apps for consumers. Co-founder and CEO Avinoam Rubinstein told me that there was some… Read More

  • Smart Magazine Is my6sense’s Flipboard With Digital Intuition

    Smart Magazine Is my6sense’s Flipboard With Digital Intuition

    Back in May, my6sense raised another $1.1 million to continue pushing its digital intuition technology to market. Today, the company is releasing a brand new product called ‘Smart Magazine’ which can be best described as a Flipboard for iPhone with added digital intuition that helps brings relevant content to its users ‘automagically’. Except that the company elected… Read More

  • The Age Of Relevance

    The Age Of Relevance

    What’s the Next Big Thing after social networking? This has been a favorite topic of much speculation among tech enthusiasts for many years. I think we are already witnessing a paradigm shift – a move away from simple social sharing towards personalized, relevant content. The key element of the next big thing is the increasing significance of the Interest Graph to complement the… Read More

  • My6sense Injects A Relevance-Based Tweet Stream Into

    Twitter’s greatest strength is also often its greatest weakness: it’s a simple, constantly-updating stream. This keeps information fresh and flowing, but it also means that if you step away for a few hours (or even a few days — crazy, I know), you’re likely to miss a lot. And it means that scanning your Twitter stream can sometimes be tedious. A new product launching… Read More

  • my6sense Brings Personalized Content Ranking App To Android Phones

    my6sense Brings Personalized Content Ranking App To Android Phones

    We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around my6sense, a digital intuition iPhone app. The app imports RSS feeds and social streams, and senses what you like to read based on your own behavior, surfacing the most interesting content to you from your streams. And the Israeli-startup just recruited well-known tech blogger and consultant Louis Gray as its VP of marketing. Today, the startup… Read More

  • Cascaad Personalizes Your News Stream In Real Time, Raises Funding

    Cascaad, which is billed both as an ‘awareness engine’ and a ‘smart social media browser’ by the Italian startup behind the service, aims to make the realtime streams you tap into more about you. Essentially, the tool is designed to filter the never-ending incoming message stream from your friends and millions of others by continuously distilling which part of the… Read More

  • TwitterSense. It's Coming.

    At this very moment, at this very villa in the Israeli city of Hertzeliya Pituach, the final preparations are being made for what can be best described as ‘TwitterSense’—a way to automatically filter your Twitter stream so that the most relevant Tweets come out on top. The location in question is the home of my6sense, which currently offers a powerful way to filter news feeds. Read More

  • my6sense Raises $2M for Digital Intuition, Native iPhone App Imminent

    my6sense is announcing it has raised $2 million in Series A financing from private investors. The company is pioneering ‘digital intuition‘, artificial intelligence designed to assist everyday users separate the signal from the noise. This is a problem that has grown in magnitudes of severity since the introduction of blogs and RSS into our lives, and compounded even further by… Read More

  • my6sense: Pioneering "Digital Intuition" (500 Alpha Invites)

    With the growing amount of information that is flowing into our lives, there is also a growing need for tools that help focus our attention on what should be the most relevant information for us. my6sense is developing artificial intelligence that does just that—it separates the signal from the noise and helps users shift their attention to the content they care about most. my6sense… Read More