Why Nokia Is Calling “Here” Here, The Curious Rebranding Of Their Maps Product

As Nokia tries to separate out its mapping business and make it a standalone entity earning more than 1 billion euros per year, it has stripped its name entirely out of the unit. This past week, the c

The Chubby vWand Stylus Can Bring NFC Support To Non-NFC Smartphones And Tablets

NFC has always struck me as one of those things that everyone says is going to get really big next year, and the growing number of smartphones and tablets that come bearing support for the standard is

Fujitsu’s Future Phones And Tablets Could Skip The Physical Keyboard And Watch Your Fingers Instead

For better or worse, the advent of smartphones and tablets mean that we’re rapidly <a target="_blank" href="

The CAT B15 Android Smartphone Has A Weird Name But The Brawn To Back It Up

Just as some people are put on this earth to create things, others are prone to destroy everything they touch. Those people should probably spend some time with the Caterpillar-branded CAT B15, an alu

The Super-Slim Xperia Tablet Z Feels Like Sony’s Finest Tablet Yet

After Sony released a string of curious Android tablets that failed to catch on, the company had no choice but to go back to the drawing table and try something different. That something different wo

With Its New Medical Language iPad App, Swiftkey Edges Closer To The iOS Platform

<a target="_blank" href="">Switftkey</a> — the intuitive typing interface for smartphones which has made its way into some Android phones and is reputedly behind the new BlackBer

With The Open, ZTE Aims To Get The Young And Adventurous Fired Up For Firefox OS

ZTE's press conference yesterday didn’t really reveal anything we didn't already know, but it at least gave us the opportunity to play with the Chinese OEM's first Firefox OS-powered smartphone. The

Asus CEO Reveals The $249 Fonepad, Another Tablet You Can Talk On

What a day folks -- mere moments talking up Asus' new <a href="">Padfone

After Plenty Of Duds, LG May Finally Have A Winner With The Optimus G Pro

The last time I bought an LG smartphone -- the unabashedly brown G2x -- I had to return it after a few weeks because it would randomly reboot if I so much as looked at it funny. From then on, I convin

Sony Mobile Chief Says The Xperia Tablet Z’s World Tour Will Begin In Q2

Sony Mobile Communications chief Kunimasa Suzuki took the stage to deliver something of a state of the mobile union address at MWC early this morning, and took a very brief detour to talk availability

MasterCard’s PayPass Wallet Services Evolve Into MasterPass, Will Open To Canadian And Australian Users First

It was just this past May that MasterCard expanded its stake in the digital payments arena with its PayPass Wallet Services, and it’s already getting a bit of an overhaul. Today, MasterCard has anno

NVIDIA Hates The Benchmark Game, But Lifts The Veil On Tegra 4 Performance Anyway

Flash back a month or so to CES -- NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang officially pulled back the curtain on the company's new<a href="

HP’s Android-Powered Slate 7 Tablet Is Cheap And It Works, But Is That Really Enough?

HP surprised more than a few people earlier tonight when it officially revealed the Slate 7, a $169 Android tablet that's set to ship in the U.S. for $169 in April. It struck me as a safe move for HP,

Galaxy Note 8.0 Features Air View-Enhanced Flipboard App, Free Awesome Note For Android, And Other Content Perks

The Galaxy Note 8.0 -- the newest device in Samsung’s many-sized range of tablets, unveiled today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona -- has just managed to trump Apple’s iPad Mini in the small

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 Will Make Its International Debut In Q2, We Go Hands-On

That Samsung was tinkering with a slightly smaller Galaxy Note tablet <a href="">shoul

Here’s What To Expect From Mobile World Congress 2013, Europe’s Biggest Mobile Show

It’s that time of year again — mobile nerds and enthusiasts of all stripes have begun to descend upon Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, and naturally a TechCrunch contingent has set up camp in

Samsung’s 8-Inch Galaxy Note Tablet Is Reportedly Set For Its February MWC Debut

Well, it certainly seems like a good time to be on the market for an Android tablet -- Sony has just announced its <a href="">attractive

HTC’s New Flagship M7 Hardware Reportedly Leaked, Complete With Sense 5.0 Screens

HTC had a disappointing year last year, despite early success with the One X and solid hardware releases in general. This year, it looks like it will be kicking things off in style with the launch of