TCTV: Mobile World Congress 2011, Capsule Edition

<img src="" />There's still a full day left at the conference here in Barcelona, but we've seen most of what there is to see, and summariz

Nvidia's Processor Roadmap Is A Gift To Geeks

<img src="" />Kal-El, the quad-core megachip that Nvidia plans to come after Tegra 2, is exciting enough news, but wh

Gallery: HTC Flyer

We’ve already got a little real-life video with HTC’s Flyer tablet, but the throng was too great yesterday to take any decent pictures. So the first thing I did this morning was drop by th

NEC's Dual-Screen Android Device Gets A Medical App

<img src="" />The dual-screen Android device NEC showed off at CES wasn't exactly a crowd-pleaser. Without the latest versio

Hands-Off Video Demo: The HTC Flyer Android Tablet

[youtube] There she is, folks: HTC’s brand new, all-aluminum Android 2.4 tablet, the Flyer. Alas, as is somewhat standard protocol

Hands-On Gallery: The HTC Desire S, Wildfire S, and Incredible S

Phew! Though the cat got let out of the bag a bit early (seriously guys, stop putting cats in bags. It’s a terrible way to keep a cat contained, and kind of cruel), HTC just announced a trio of

Synaptics' New Touchscreens Can Detect The Head Of A Pin

Synaptics is the company whose products you probably interact with every day without knowing. They’re always advancing the science of haptics and touch-detection, and their latest work is the mo

Longphone Is Long: The Acer Iconia Smart

I’d like to have seen the meeting where this device was approved for development: “Well, the other guys are putting big screens on their phones, in 16:9. Let’s one-up them by making

HTC Announces The Desire S, Wildfire S, and Incredible S

We’re camped outside of HTC’s event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where a handful of broken embargoes have just spoiled the mood a bit. Fortunately, the leaked news is probably go

Meet HTC's Facebook Phones: The ChaCha, and the Salsa

Are you addicted to Facebook? (Or, as they say on the streets: are you hooked on the ‘book?) Has your inner urge to look at drunk pictures of your friends grown to the point that you need a phon

HTC Announces Their First Android Tablet (And It's Not On Honeycomb): The HTC Flyer

Tablets, tablets, tablets, tablets. iPads! Touchpads! Playbooks! G-Slates! These days, it seems like you’re not one of the cool kids unless you’ve got your own tablet. As of this morning,

Soon Your Cheerios Box May Glow Like This One

<img src="" />eCoupled is a company that works on <a href="">wireless power</a>

TI's Prototype USB Pico Projector Is Tiny And Potentially Awesome

<img src="" />I've reviewed a few <a href="">pico projectors</a>, and one of their

Coming Soon: Kinect-Windows Phone 7 Mashups

<img src="" />This is pretty cool, though I'm not sure it'll get that much love. Microsoft just played a video here at <a href="http://

Samsung Releases Handsome PMP, The Galaxy S WiFi

This little device is basically a Galaxy S without the phone, something similar in spirit to the iPot Touch. It has a LCD screen and comes in two versions, the 4-inch and 5-inch. It has a MicroSD slot

Quick Hands-On With The Optimus Pad/T-Mobile G-Slate

<img src="" />In case you were wondering, yes, they're the same thing. Originally revealed as the T-Mobile G-Slate, it was so

Windows Phone 7's Copy & Paste Update Coming In First Two Weeks Of March

Just a quick one for those keeping track (read: Windows Phone 7 handset owners): According to the mighty word of Ballmer himself, WP7’s first big update (the one containing copy-and-paste functi

Windows Phone 7 To Get Internet Explorer 9 and Third Party Multi-Tasking Later This Year

Boom! Though it’s day 2 or 3 or so (we’ve sort of lost track) of Mobile World Congress events for us, it’s technically Day 1 of the conference — and Microsoft just kicked things of

World's Smallest GPS Unit Really Is Small

<img src="" />Want to see how far we are into the future? That little dot there is a fully-functioning GPS unit, complete with AR

The Umeox Apollo Is Powered By Android… And The Sun

Surrounded by outlets no further than an arm’s length away, it’s easy to forget just how nice it is having power everywhere. Then the power goes out. Or you go camping. Or you’re liv
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