• TCTV: Mobile World Congress 2011, Capsule Edition

    There’s still a full day left at the conference here in Barcelona, but we’ve seen most of what there is to see, and summarized it all up in this video for ease of consumption. Of course, all our coverage can be found at the MWC11 tag, or just by going to MobileCrunch. Watch the short video inside, and head to the links below for all our MWC love, plus a gallery of shots from around… Read More

  • Nvidia's Processor Roadmap Is A Gift To Geeks

    Kal-El, the quad-core megachip that Nvidia plans to come after Tegra 2, is exciting enough news, but what about the rest of the roadmap? Usually these charts reflect some internal logic and naming system, but stuff like Nehalem, Bulldozer, and Skulltrail are hard for the average geek to really relate to. Nvidia’s putting an end to that, in style. Read More

  • Gallery: HTC Flyer

    We’ve already got a little real-life video with HTC’s Flyer tablet, but the throng was too great yesterday to take any decent pictures. So the first thing I did this morning was drop by the HTC booth and get a few clean shots. I wasn’t watching my aperture so they turned out a little artsy. And that five-bokeh is a bit rough, isn’t it? I need a new lens. That’s… Read More

  • NEC's Dual-Screen Android Device Gets A Medical App

    The dual-screen Android device NEC showed off at CES wasn’t exactly a crowd-pleaser. Without the latest version of Android, and sporting a rather low five hours of battery life, there wasn’t much to get excited about. But I like the idea of two discrete screens a la the Entourage Edge and the ill-fated Courier. NEC decided it’s an interesting form factor for medical software… Read More

  • Hands-Off Video Demo: The HTC Flyer Android Tablet

    There she is, folks: HTC’s brand new, all-aluminum Android 2.4 tablet, the Flyer. Alas, as is somewhat standard protocol with ultra-early hardware, HTC wouldn’t let us actually touch the thing. They were more then willing to give us a quick tour around the device, though! High fives to the lady at the end who decides the perfect place for her camera (holder of the… Read More

  • Hands-On Gallery: The HTC Desire S, Wildfire S, and Incredible S

    Phew! Though the cat got let out of the bag a bit early (seriously guys, stop putting cats in bags. It’s a terrible way to keep a cat contained, and kind of cruel), HTC just announced a trio of new smartphones: the Desire S, the Wildfire S, and the Incredible S. We’re not going to pretend we got enough time with these devices to really weigh in on them with our first… Read More

  • Synaptics' New Touchscreens Can Detect The Head Of A Pin

    Synaptics is the company whose products you probably interact with every day without knowing. They’re always advancing the science of haptics and touch-detection, and their latest work is the most impressive yet. What they’ve done is integrate the touch controller (basically, the tiny chip that detects and reports touch activity) with the display driver. This means they can rule out… Read More

  • Longphone Is Long: The Acer Iconia Smart

    I’d like to have seen the meeting where this device was approved for development: “Well, the other guys are putting big screens on their phones, in 16:9. Let’s one-up them by making our phone 21:9, since that 21:9 TV sold so well!” Read More

  • HTC Announces The Desire S, Wildfire S, and Incredible S

    We’re camped outside of HTC’s event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where a handful of broken embargoes have just spoiled the mood a bit. Fortunately, the leaked news is probably good enough to make up for it. HTC’s taken just about each one of their greatest phones — the Desire, the Wildfire, the Incredible — and given’em a refresh. The new names? Read More