MWC 2013

OnePlus’ gaming concept phone has glowing liquid cooling

The days of a cautious OnePlus release cycle appear to be behind us. In January, the Oppo-owned mobile brand unveiled its new flagship, the OnePlus 11. Earlier this month, the 11R arrived, focused on

Foursquare CEO Looks Beyond Mobile Handsets: Anywhere There’s A Screen, We Want To Be On It

Google has <a target="_blank" href="">yet to release</a> the Mirror API that will open Google Glass as a platform, but developers of some of

Bango To Power Payments In Mozilla’s Firefox OS App Store, Offering Carrier Billing By Default

Earlier this week, Mozilla made a splash at the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with the official <a href="">launch

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston Opens The Door To Samsung’s Competitors: ‘We’d Love To Work With You’

Drew Houston, the CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">Dropbox</a>, said that staying independent was a key part of Dropbox's strategy; and with mobile being the most important plat

Opera’s CEO On Innovation And Privacy, And A First Look At Its New WebKit-Based Browser For Android [TCTV]

Web browser company Opera Software, now 300 million users strong, caught the world off guard the other week when it announced that it would be <a target="_blank" href="

Mozilla CEO Kovacs Pleads For Fragmentation; Says Fate Of Our Mobile World Can’t Depend On Just Two Companies

Gary Kovacs, the CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">Mozilla</a>, today took aim at Apple and Google -- or possibly Apple and Samsung; you can take your pick about how you parse mo

Yandex Courts Handset Makers, Carriers With New Android App Store And 3D Skins

<a target="_blank" href="">Google</a>, sans a <a href=""

Nokia Pulls Away Its Name From Its Mapping And Navigation Services, Rebrands As “HERE” To Push More Cross-Platform Business

<a target="_blank" href="">Nokia</a> is taking one more step to push its mapping and devices services as a standalone business. Today, the company announced during the handset make

Firefox OS Hits The Ground Running With Phones, Marketplace For Apps And 18 Carriers Signed Up For Open Web Efforts

Firefox OS, the new, HTML5-friendly mobile OS from <a target="_blank" href="">Mozilla</a>, is today taking a big step forward in its strategy to become a viable third player in t

Asus Teases Its MWC Padfone Plans With Potentially Sacrilegious Viral Video

Something there is that doesn't love a viral video. To wit: we present Asus' baffling Spanish MWC teaser which involves a giant metal dildo landing on the Sagrada FamĂ­lia, Barcelona's beloved Ga

No Cute Android Pins, No Schmidt, No Slide: Google Tones Down Its Presence At MWC This Year

We're now about a week away from the start of the <a target="_blank" href="">Mobile World Congress</a>, the large, annual European mobile event put on by the GSM Ass