Infinity Ward defending the cost of MW2's DLC

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MW2's DLC map pack to cost $15, only have five maps, and require a virgin sacrifice

<img src="">This is crap. Pure and simple crap. <a href="">Modern Warfare 2</a>'s upcoming map pack is g

Modern Warfare 2 DLC map pack coming to PC March 30, Xbox and PS3 shortly after

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A video preview MW2's upcoming map pack leaks out way early

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Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters: Episode 2

[youtube=] This episode is actually a lot more informative than the first one. Watch and learn, friends. Unless, of course, you’re

Video: Wherein some poor dude gets Rick Roll'd via Modern Warfare 2

[youtube] It’s a long video at a second shy of ten minutes, but don’t worry, the action starts early around 2:30. T

Thou shalt not look: Activision slaps a Cease & Desist on MW2 aimbot hack

Hope you peeped that youtube video when we told you about it earlier, because Activition has fired off a cease and desist order on the video of the aimbot and wallhack being used. They claim it’