• With Vevo crossing the pond, Muzu.TV partners with Metacafe to bed down in Europe

    Who’d have thought that years after MTV went out of vogue and post-YouTube, a number of sites would still be battling it out to dominate the music video space online. That’s because online video is said to be the fastest growing market for advertising globally and music videos are potentially a big part of that story. Perhaps then it’s not just co-incidence that on the day… Read More

  • Vevo, the Hulu-for-music-videos, opens up in the UK

    Music video site Vevo, which now claims to be the third largest source for video on the web, has opened up in the UK today, including versions of its iPhone, iPad & Android apps hitting their respective local app stores. In September of last year, the site boasted 49 million unique video viewers per-month, with 500 million views in the US and 1.4 billion in the rest of the world. Read More

  • Just like Apple's Ping, Muzu.TV repositions itself as a social network for music

    It could be said that ‘social’ is no longer a product, it’s a feature. Just witness Apple flicking the social networking switch on its hugely popular iTunes. And today the music video streaming startup Muzu.TV is doing the same. “These days music sites need to do more than just provide users with content”, says Mark French, co-founder of Muzu. “Our visitors… Read More

  • Nightmare! Muzu TV launches music video jukebox just as YouTube gets in on the action

    [Ireland] It’s the type of scenario that keeps even the most seasoned entrepreneurs up at night. Your startup toils away for months on a new product or feature and – boom – a giant like Google comes along and walks all over it. That appears to be the case for Dublin-based music video site, Muzu TV (see previous TCEU coverage), which today launched its new music video… Read More

  • Music video site Muzu TV syndicates with AOL, Bebo, Telegraph Media Group and others

    [Ireland] Dublin-based music video site, Muzu TV (see previous TCEU coverage), has announced that its signed syndication deals with a number of major publishers, including AOL Music, Bebo and Telegraph Media Group, along with a new partnership with InSkin Media, who develop and deliver premium interactive online video ad formats. So along with much wider distribution, Muzu TV now has more ammo… Read More